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Passage to Marseille 1944

Passage to Marseille 1944 Director: Michael Curtiz Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Claude Rains, Michèle Morgan, Philip Dorn, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre, George Tobias, Helmut Dantine, John Loder, Victor Francen, Vladimir Sokoloff, Eduardo Ciannelli Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures Release date: February 16, 1944 Passage to Marseille is a 1944 war film made by Warner Brothers, directed by […]

Dark Passage 1947

Dark Passage 1947 Director: Delmer Daves Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Bruce Bennett, Agnes Moorehead, Tom D’Andrea, Clifton Young, Douglas Kennedy, Rory Mallinson, Houseley Stevenson Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures Release date: September 5, 1947 Dark Passage (1947) is a Warner Bros. film noir directed by Delmer Daves and starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. The […]

The Set-Up 1949

The Set-Up 1949 Director: Robert Wise Cast: Robert Ryan, Audrey Totter, George Tobias, Alan Baxter, James Edwards, Wallace Ford, Percy Helton, Darryl Hickman, Kenny O’Morrison, David Clarke, Phillip Pine, Edwin Max, Herbert Anderson, Burman Bodel Studio: RKO Radio Pictures Release date; March 29, 1949 The Set-Up is a 1949 American film noir boxing drama directed […]

REC 4 Apocalypse

REC 4 Apocalypse (stylized as [REC]⁴ Apocalypse) is an upcoming Spanish horror film, and the fourth and final installment of the REC series. The film will be a direct sequel to the second film taking place immediately after its events. Jaume Balagueró, the director of the first two installments, is set to return alongside the […]

Out of the Fog 1941

Out of the Fog 1941 Director: Anatole Litvak Cast: John Garfield, Ida Lupino, Thomas Mitchell, Eddie Albert, George Tobias, John Qualen, Aline MacMahon, Jerome Cowan Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures Release date:  June 14, 1941 Near Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, tailor Jonah Goodwin and short order cook Olaf Johnson find solace after work in fishing from […]

Spike Jonze’s – Her (2013)

Spike Jonze’s – Her (2013). “Her” is an upcoming science fiction romance film written and directed by Spike Jonze. The film centers on a man who falls in love with a computer system. It marks Jonze’s solo screenwriting debut and is expected to be released on November 20, 2013. Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), a lonely writer, […]

The Petrified Forest 1936

The Petrified Forest 1936 Director: Archie Mayo Cast: Leslie Howard, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, Genevieve Tobin, Dick Foran, Joe Sawyer, Porter Hall, Charley Grapewin, Paul Harvey Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures Release date: February 6, 1936 The Petrified Forest is a 1936 American film, starring Leslie Howard, Bette Davis, and Humphrey Bogart. A precursor of film […]

Mad Max 1979

Mad Max 1979 Director: George Miller. Cast: Mel Gibson, Joanne Samuel, Steve Bisley, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Roger Ward, Tim Burns, Geoff Parry, Sheila Florence Production Co: Kennedy Miller Productions Distributed by: Village Roadshow Pictures Release Date: 12 April 1979 Mad Max is a 1979 Australian dystopian action film directed by George Miller, written by Miller and […]

They Drive by Night 1940

They Drive by Night 1940 Director: Raoul Walsh Release Date: 3 August 1940 Production Co: Warner Bros. Cast: Humphrey Bogart, George Raft, Ann Sheridan, Ida Lupino, Gale Page, Alan Hale, John Litel They Drive by Night is a 1940 black-and-white film noir starring George Raft, Ann Sheridan, Ida Lupino, and Humphrey Bogart, and directed by […]

There Will Be Blood 2007

There Will Be Blood 2007 Director: Paul Thomas Anderson Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano, Kevin J. O’Connor, Ciarán Hinds, Russell Harvard, Dillon Freasier, Sydney McCallister, David Willis, David Warshofsky, Colton Woodward, Colleen Foy Studio/Producer: Miramax Films / Paramount Pictures Release date: September 27, 2007 There Will Be Blood is a 2007 American drama film written, […]

The Killers 1964

The Killers 1964 Director: Don Siegel Cast: Lee Marvin, Angie Dickinson, John Cassavetes, Ronald Reagan, Clu Gulager, Claude Akins, Norman Fell, Don Haggerty, Robert Phillips Studio: Universal Pictures Release date: July 7, 1964 The Killers, sometimes marketed as Ernest Hemingway’s The Killers, is a 1964 crime film released by Universal Studios. It is the second […]

Thor – The Dark World

“Thor: The Dark World” is an American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Thor, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It will be the sequel to 2011’s Thor and the eighth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Alan Taylor directed the screenplay by Christopher Yost, Christopher Markus and […]