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Elliot Root – Chemical Sweat

Elliot Root is an American alternative music group based in the heart of Music City Nashville. “These new recordings have been somewhat of a discovery in the process” says Scott Krueger, of Elliot Root. “We have always been chasing after something with the music, I’m not saying that we’ve found exactly what it is that […]

Civil Twilight - When, When

Civil Twilight – When, When

“What am I to build, if my hands are broken, if I’m not the chosen one?” sings Steven McKellar of Civil Twilight on “Story of An Immigrant”, over a lush, dynamic beat that evokes the sounds of his native South Africa while steeped in the band’s everevolving present. The foursome (Steven, his brother and guitarist […]

Nao Yoshioka - Make the Change

Nao Yoshioka – Make the Change

Japanese soul singer Nao Yoshioka combines a powerful voice and New York-powered form of delivery to create a modern flavor still deeply rooted in the history of soul. In the two and a half years from 2009 that she spent in New York, Nao reached the Apollo Theater Amateur Night “Top Dog” round and also […]

Phases - I'm In Love With My Life

Phases – I’m In Love With My Life

Phases began, as big things often do, with a daydream. But unlike most pennies cast into wishing pools by starry-eyed kids, this particular vision came through loud and clear, specific and fully formed, to the minds of people who were looking for a sign. Call it serendipitous, written in the stars or what you will, […]

Anthonie Tonnon - Railway Lines

Anthonie Tonnon – Railway Lines

In his first shows under his own name, New Zealand songwriter and performer Anthonie Tonnon (formerly of the band Tono and The Finance Company) started performing “A Friend From Argentina” – a song that put listeners in the shoes of an Auckland dealer on the receiving end of an ill-fated shipment of cocaine. Influenced by […]

Kill J - Cold Stone

Kill J – Cold Stone

The impressive sounds of Danish artist Kill J are back today with something incredibly dope and extremely interesting. Kill J – Cold Stone Kill J – Cold Stone Lyrics: Sentimental slabs An icy “clack” As I click my heels On this marble Everybody’s drunk And dancing On the grey hard matter As I chew on […]

Grace Lightman - Vapour Trails

Grace Lightman – Vapour Trails

There’s something timeless about Grace Lightman. Maybe it’s that honeyed voice that ever-so gently tugs at your heartstrings. Perhaps it’s those careful and considered nods to the iconic moments, faces and places of musical history. Or it could be the turn and twist of her songs, at once both familiar and fresh. Ultimately, it all […]

Daye Jack - Trapped In Love

Daye Jack – Trapped In Love

It’s hard to believe that Daye Jack is just a teenager. But, the singing rapper is the latest virtuoso to emerge from Atlanta’s bustling hip-hop scene, and he’s making quite a name for himself. Jack has now released his latest single, “Trapped in Love,” off his upcoming project Soul Glitch (Available for FREE via Warner […]

Anne-Marie - Karate

Anne-Marie – Karate

Anne-Marie is a British singer/songwriter. Her sound is a well-rounded fusion of electro-soul, R&B, hip-hop and pop. Anne-Marie attended Collins Performing Arts School from the age of three. She started performing professionally in musical theatre at the age of six in London’s West End. Alongside performing in the West End, Anne-Marie trained in karate where […]

Icona Pop - Emergency

Icona Pop – Emergency

Icona Pop is a Swedish Electropop duo that formed in 2009, with electro house, punk and indie pop music influences. The two members Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, who grew up in Stockholm, create music “which you can both laugh and cry to at the same time”. They signed to TEN Music Group in 2009. […]

Bly - Rosey

Bly – Rosey

Bly is two young electronic producers from the coast of Sydney who have crafted their own form of Hip-Hop/R&B/Soul/Dance sounds. Having studied at many of Sydney’s top music institutions, including Ableton Liveschool, they count local producers Seekae and Gloves as some of their mentors. With Oliver’s soulful and searing vocals combined with Benedict’s old-school Hip-Hop […]

Oh Reach - Rocking Horse Money Box

Oh Reach – Rocking Horse Money Box

Oh Reach is the songwriting collaboration of Marcus Gordon (Spookyland), Simon Relf (the Tambourine Girls) and veteran actor / musician Terry Serio (Ministry of Truth). The three members met for the first time in early 2014 through a series of serendipitous events. In the intervals between touring with their respective bands the trio would regularly […]