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Nicholas Krgovich: Sunset Tower

Nicholas Krgovich is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist best known for his work with No Kids, Gigi and P:ano. He has been releasing records under various monikers since P:ano’s acclaimed chamber pop debut, WHEN IT’S DARK AND IT’S SUMMER (2002). This led to his recordings with the girl group inspired Gigi, the icy displacement of the R&B informed No Kids, and most recently the singular pop dreams released under his own...Read More »

Gryffin: Heading Home ft. Josef Salvat

“Heading Home” features the vocals of Josef Salvat, whom he’s remixed in the past, and is honestly everything you expect from a Gryffin track and more. Strong guitar work, lush piano chords, a vibrant soulful melody to pair with the vocals, these are all elements we’ve come to expect in any track with Gryffin’s name attached to them and we find ourselves here again once again entranced once again. More...Read More »

Lily Elise: I Don't Know Why

Lily Elise is a Alternative R&B, Pop singer, songwriter from Berkeley, California. She was a member of Team Christina in the first season of the America television vocal talent show The Voice. On November 4, 2014, she released the lead single “Generator,” from her debut EP Taken. In 2012, Elise co-wrote “Vadonatúj érzés” aka “Daydream” for Hungarian singer and winner of season six of the Hungarian music show, Megasztár Gigi...Read More »

Natalie Lurie: No Mercy in the Night

Natalie Lurie is a classically-trained harpist and singer-songwriter. She began her studies on the harp when she was six years old. In lieu of her senior year at high school, she studied at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and completed her Bachelors of Music at Indiana University under world-renowned harpist, Susann McDonald. Natalie has participated in international music festivals in France such as Académie Internationale de Musique and...Read More »

Christina Martin: You Ran From Me

Christina Martin has reached that point on her fifth album, ‘It’ll Be Alright,’ a 10-song collection that finds the Halifax-based singer-songwriter attaining what her music has always suggested, a place where the ghosts of her musical heroes freely mingle with pop-rock’s modern architects. The album’s brilliance is its seamless blend of the past and present. The bridge between them is Martin’s voice, an instrument both haunting and immediate, traits that...Read More »

Chelsea Effect: Youth In 21

Chelsea Effect takes its name from the legendary Hotel Chelsea in New York City, which has hosted artistic visionaries for over a century. Everyone from Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin to Allen Ginsberg and Dylan Thomas, not only stayed at the Hotel Chelsea, but also created artistic movements that have inspired generations. Arthur Miller wrote a piece entitled “The Chelsea Affect” that described life in the Hotel during the 1960’s...Read More »

The Chainsmokers: Don't Let Me Down ft. Daya

Wise beyond their years and aggressively handsome, these two overachievers are focused on success… Never before has the world seen two furry browed individuals such as these two (seriously they have really bushy eye brows)… As you might have imagined Alex and Drew did not meet on the set of their Vogue Cover shoot while surrounded by super models, but rather somewhere else. Apart from Social Darwinism, the thing that...Read More »

Joy Crookes: New Manhattan

17-year-old south London-based Joy Crookes arrives armed with a stellar piece of theatrical pop as her debut single, entitled ‘New Manhattan’. Beautiful harp scales weave around guitar licks while Crooks delivers pristine vocals and adlibs while strings take over, adding a more ethereal experience to this stunning debut, co-written by Joy and producer Michael Percy. It’s a strong statement of intent and if she plays her cards right, Joy Crookes could...Read More »

Emerson Long: Heatwave

Melbourne indie/electro-pop producer Emerson Long is excited to share his latest single ‘Heatwave’, the first in a collection of tracks he has planned for release throughout 2016. With a conceptual story in his mind, Emerson Long was playing around on his piano and singing out some melodies over a few chords. The second his mouth voiced the word “Heatwave”, he instantly knew that it captured his intended emotion perfectly, in...Read More »

Annabel Jones: IOU

Annabel Jones is a London-based emerging singer and songwriter who started her musical journey as Bluebell back in 2013. But now, she has been reborn and is back with new name, new sound and a very good new single. Early this year, she signed a big deal with Warner Muic Group (Atlantic Records/Cooked Paintings) and started to work on her upcoming and proper major debut studio album, which is expected...Read More »

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