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POWERS - Heavy

POWERS – Heavy Here’s a partial list of things that have inspired L.A.-based alternative duo POWERS in recent months: found recordings of ancient Peruvian tribal music, a centuries-old Swedish hymn, a PBS retrospective on the making of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and a 1993 Baywatch episode titled “Island of Romance.” “Songs can spark from anything,” says Crista Ru, who co-founded POWERS with co-vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Mike Del Rio in 2014....Read More »

STORME - Burning Echoes

STORME – Burning Echoes Melancholic lyrics, haunting vocals, playful melodies, and atmospheric beats are just a few words to describe London based Scandinavian artist Storme. Growing up in her native Sweden, Storme drew inspiration from the breath-taking landscape, and her thoughts and feelings of the world around her. As her sound developed, so did her musical palette, with further influence coming from a new found love of more electronic music, and artists...Read More »

Laura Carbone: Lullaby

Laura Carbone, the Adrenalin-queen of contemporary Pop-Underground. She could be a daughter of Courtney Love or Lydia Lunch. Laura Carbone is best known as front singer of German Electro-Punk band DEINE JUGEND. Being a charismatic musician and a fashion-blogger in one person, Laura has roughed up the social media blogsphere in the past month. Laura Carbone: Lullaby Laura Carbone: Lullaby Lyrics: ...Read More »

Aldae Long: Words

Aldae had two choices. He could stay at home and get a “real job” or he could continue to pursue his music career that “wasn’t going anywhere” and get kicked out of his home. Courageously, he chose the latter. Aldae moved out and lived with friends in an abandoned house near Arlington, TX. For a year straight, he worked day and night on his music before leaving Texas behind for...Read More »

Anni: Break Free

Break Free is a new song from the Helsinki based popstress Anni. Perfect soundtrack for feeling hopeful after the long winter. This is what Anni had to say about the song: “Our mind is such a funny thing. Sometimes we get so caught up in our thoughts. We stop trusting ourselves, and start caring too much what if something doesn’t work or what others might think. Yet confidence is such...Read More »

Kyoti: Battle Cry

London-based art-pop trio Kyoti see out a very successful first year by announcing their new single ‘Chimera’, due for release in November 2016. After releasing their debut single ‘Cave In’ in May, shortly followed by jazz electro fusion ‘Curved Edge, Straight Line’ in July; the art project’s most recent release delves deeper into their distinctive sound. ‘Chimera’ finds room for the intelligent lyrical influences of John Grant spliced with the...Read More »

From Kid: New Gods

New Gods’ starts off with a warm, inviting vocal melody, instilling the innate sense of endearing intimacy that is laced throughout From Kid’s previous offerings. The track is restrained yet gripping. An unassuming guitar bounces gently throughout, working in harmony with the coy keyboard and atmospheric synths, painting a vast landscape to match the wondrous nature in which it was recorded. It’s no surprise that the relationship between human and...Read More »

Odd Couple: Gone Solid

Since arriving in Berlin six years ago to a revolving circus of hepcats, drugs, and trendy hangouts, Odd Couple duo Tammo Dehn and Jascha Kreft, (two kindergarten pals from Ostfriesland), still feel out of place. Perhaps it’s typified in their name – an assertion of strange outsiderness, but together the duo weave a kind of art that dredges up the nuggets of rock’s dinosaur past and infuses it with a...Read More »

TOTEM - Up & Down

TOTEM – Up & Down Here is a new song by TOTEM titled Up Down In the vein of popular music’s male heartthrobs —think ZAYN, Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas—TOTEM’s catchy songwriting and electro-infused R&B melodies seem destined to soundtrack sleepovers and populate radio playlists. But the New York-based singer-songwriter, who’s teetered on the edge of fame with a run of Spotify viral hits and 2016’s bittersweet “Bubblegum,” has remained more of...Read More »

Erki Pärnoja: Efterglow

Estonian songwriter and multi instrumentalist Erki Pärnoja releases new melancholic and meditative single ‘Efterglow’ out 10th February. This will be the first single from his new album of the same name out 21st March. The track evokes the idea of cinematographic music without the actual film. Ethereal grieving synthesizer sounds are blended with a distinctive cutting guitar, surfing on a shimmering wave of reverb – Best described as cinematic, acoustic,...Read More »

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