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whenyoung - See How They Run

Whilst newly minted, whenyoung are experienced musicians who decided to get together and try some fresh ideas. The first single to surface – See How They Run, takes an old British nursery rhyme about three blind mice and turns it into a salacious commentary, worthy of a space as part of the landscape of Clockwork Orange, of the mores of the 21st Century. whenyoung cast an aloof commentary, akin to the...Read More »

Carly Jamison - Dynamo

Anyone who thinks that rock music is dead has not been following the stream of new singles that have been emerging from songwriter and recording artist Carly Jamison over the past 6 months. First there was the ‘The Devil’s Trying To Bring Me Down’ which graced Halloween party playlists world-wide. Then there was ‘Christmas May Have To Be Postponed’, a brand new, original Christmas song inspired by vintage rock and roll...Read More »

Ideomotor - The Gutter

Ideomotor are an indie electro band formed in 2014 by two childhood friends hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Their music has been inspired by sidestepping from the comfort of guitar driven expression into exploring more electronic outlets of capturing creativity.   A growing hallmark of their sound, Ideomotor have managed to create haunting melodies that frequently flirt with hope and despair. Constantly fueled by a constant suspense of being in and out of...Read More »

Oomori Seiko - Tokyo Black Hole

Oomori Seiko is a female singer-songwriter who mixes J-pop idol style and emotional J-punk rock. When she was a college student in Tokyo, Oomori didn’t meet too many people she could relate to. So she would listen to her favorite garage punk bands like Ginnan Boyz and female idol group like Morning Musume. And she would write them letters. One day, she started to play guitar just to throw out her feelings....Read More »

Tiggi Hawke - In The Wild (Femme Remix)

Tiggi Hawke – In The Wild (Femme Remix) Having already received an acclaimed mix from rising Swedish producer and Nu-Disco master Tobtok, pop’s new force Tiggi Hawke returns with the second and final re-working of debut track ‘In The Wild’ before unleashing the single properly. This time the remix comes from high pedigree, female-power pop siren FEMME. With FEMME’s touch ‘In The Wild’ becomes moody and dark, an antithesis to Tobtok’s sunny-season...Read More »

Baby In Vain - The Urge

Baby In Vain have shared vital new cut ‘The Urge‘. The Danish trio will release new EP ‘For The Kids’ on April 29th, and have just confirmed a trio of live dates supporting The Kills. ‘The Urge’ is a vital, blood-curdling new track, with Baby In Vain comparing a killer’s blood-lust to a partner’s urge to stray. Vocalist Andrea explains: “‘The Urge” wasn’t always the smash hit it is today. It actually started...Read More »

J.R. Byrd: Wait For Me

J.R. Byrd is an acoustic “funk-pop” singer-songwriter based out of Denton, Texas, J.R. (James Robert) Byrd has always been the mysterious, creative boy-next-door type. One that you might see gently placing a baby bird back in its nest or walking the neighbor’s dog. While he is not out saving the animals, though, J.R. fills his time with songwriting and performing. If you asked J.R. what he is thinking at any...Read More »

Ayosha feat. Tihamer: Burning Bridges

The german producer DJ Static, who had several German and International top 10 releases, returns under the new artist name Ayosha. Since his last original release, Ayosha has been mainly pulling the strings behind the scenes as a producer and composer for several movie soundtracks and HipHop artists. “I always said, if one day I will create a sound that has never been done before I want to be the...Read More »

SoundMonsters: Colours

A glance at the clock brings you back to reality. It’s 7 o’clock in the morning on a Sunday. You wanted to be home long ago but the Berlin summer night propelled you and your friends from one club to the next. And now here you are, in the middle of a slightly run down industrial site. Around you are a couple of buildings nearer to decay than to the...Read More »

The Slytest: Ride It Out

The Slytest will soon be releasing their third record, Epic Ocean Love – Simeon Hillert, an upcoming producer in Gothenburg and Mats Björke (Mando Diao) are producing the new record. They are excited to follow up the critically acclaimed album “ Get Your Front Row Seat To This Trainwreck”. The Slytest have toured every corner in Sweden, and have played every kind of gig there is to play. They played...Read More »

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