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Sad Robot: I Want You Bad

Sad Robot‘s unique enveloping and cinematic sound has enabled them to create their own voice in the indie rock scene. The band’s music has evolved over the past three years and is now being coined cinepop (cinematic pop). With a high-energy stage show and unique musical style this unsigned band has accomplished a lot in their short existence. In 2011 Sad Robot released their debut album, “The Beginning of the End.”...Read More »

Meg Mac: Never Be

Meg Mac’s soft-spoken demeanor belies a big stage presence and an even bigger voice. Delivering starkly cinematic lyrics filtered through a Detroit/Memphis inspired sense of dark soul, that voice serves as the centerpiece of her 2015 debut Meg Mac EP [300 Hundred Entertainment]. It’s also a big reason that the Sydney, Australia singer and songwriter has already drawn buzz from the likes of The New York Times and BuzzFeed and...Read More »

Mating Ritual: I Wear Glasses

Ryan Marshall Lawhon enjoys casual aggressive wine drinking and creates music as Mating Ritual. “I Wear Glasses” is the lubricated vision of a could-be hookup with a strong, confident woman. It’s the moment you finally make a move and all the wrong, clichéd lines come out; the moment you lose all fear of romantic pastiche and just let shit fly. Mating Ritual: I Wear Glasses Mixed & Mastered by Jason Suwito....Read More »

Alyssa Jacey: The Sun Will Rise

San Diego’s Alyssa Jacey, currently in Nashville, is an inspirational story. Her music career started by accident when friends forced her to try karaoke. Self-taught on guitar and drums, she plays over 100 shows per year both nationally and internationally. Past shows included Bruno Mars, Shawn Colvin, Paula Cole, Joan Osborne, Keith Anderson, Andy Grammer, PEPPER, Meiko, Ryan Star, Angel Taylor and more. Her two latest singles “Drowning Me” and...Read More »

Gavin Turek: Hemisphere

It’s impossible not to become infatuated with disco-pop princess Gavin Turek. The LA Native is always clad in a hand-made 70s fringe dress (she has one in every color) and armed with the best dance moves you’ve ever seen. It’s easy to draw comparisons anywhere from Tina Turner to Beyoncé but really, Gavin is her own force to be reckoned with. Even the most apathetic concert goer leaves her shows...Read More »

Kolaj: The Touch

In an era where unexpected elements and expectations for talent is higher than ever, one duo shines above the competition to provide a unique experience like no other. Step into the arena of KOLAJ, the musical synergy of singer/songwriter Teesa and producer Mighty Mike. Their signature productions have polished organic tones, soaring guitar leads, and electronic inspired rhythms. Although they are embraced by the electronic music world for their productions,...Read More »

Atlas Genius: Molecules

The members of Adelaide, Australia’s Atlas Genius do things a little differently….They set about building a studio where they could write and record music for their newly formed band three years before they even played their first live show as Atlas Genius. “We really got down and dirty with dry walling and literally laying the floorboards, and at the same time we were taking a couple of days a week...Read More »

Hanna & Kerttu: Russian Ghost

It is not easy to describe what Hanna & Kerttu is like or where they came from. Born somewhere between Finland and Norway, located in Berlin, at home in a world of colours. It might be two little kids in a dark scary forest, getting lost and playing soothing music in order to find the way out. Or some grown ups watching the fairytale in our reality. Their first songs...Read More »

Paper Days: Kind Guidance

Paper Days formed when four friends became family through music. We are living in the “Paper Days”, the final generations before paper becomes obsolete as we move into a digital world. As a result of living during this transition, the music influences from multi-generations are reflected. If you listen close enough you can hear the setting of the dreamy southern California waves. An insatiable blend of jangly guitars and infectious melody...Read More »

Micky Blue: Dark & Stormy

With a “haunted pop” style, Micky Blue has taken the music scene by storm with a sound reminiscent of Tove Lo and Lana Del Rey. Originally born in London, England, Micky Blue speaks from her soul through music with haunting melodies and heart-wrenching vocal delivery. She draws her inspiration from the story telling torch singers of the Jazz era, and the infectious harmonies of Motown. As an artist who is...Read More »

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