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Hollie Cook: Angel Fire

Fresh from signing with US Indie label Merge Records, West London-based Hollie Cook – famed for reviving lovers rock – returns with staunch new single ‘Angel Fire’. Having garnered acclaim from publications such as Sunday Times, Metro, NME, Q, Uncut, Hunger and Huck for her sophomore album ‘Twice’, Hollie’s return is marked by a sultry matured new sound. ‘Angel Fire,’ the first single from her forthcoming third album, exudes laid-back...Read More »

Hannah Featherstone: Solo

British artist Hannah Featherstone releases new music video for ‘Solo‘. Hannah Featherstone is a British artist. Her music is a fine balance between pop, jazz and soul. Her voice floats, her piano grooves. Born in England and raised in France, over the years Hannah Featherstone has developed a love for languages and the patterns and rhythms of sound. From an early age, she studied classical piano and performed as a...Read More »

SHAED - Too Much

SHAED – Too Much SHAED is a head­bobbing pop project comprised of multi­instrumentalist twin brothers Max and Spencer Ernst and powerhouse vocalist Chelsea Lee. Lee’s vocals weave divinely through the Ernst twin’s pop­sensible production that can make anyone move. Their debut single, “Just Wanna See”, is a genre bending slow jam that has received international praise and favorable comparisons to bands like Florence & The Machine, Sia, Justin Timberlake, and Sylvan...Read More »

Jenny Gabrielsson Mare: Brooklyn Bridge

Jenny Gabrielsson Mare is a Swedish indie vaudeville jazz pop artist. Her music is sensual, beautiful and theatrical, flirting with darkness, hope and drama. Born in the north of Sweden she claims the cold climate, the dark winters and the midnight sun has made her expression dramatic. Gabrielsson Mare has released three soloalbums plus one album and one EP with the indie-electronica duo White Birches. In November 2016...Read More »

the loved: Know What I Mean

Portland, Oregon-based trio the Loved believe in the simple power of three chords and the truth. Lael Alderman’s assured vocals are undergirded by muscular yet sparse arrangements. The band alternates between melodic singer/songwriter moments and propulsive rock. Daven Hall’s incisive bass lines and the tight rhythmic wizardry of Jake Endicott on drums evoke influences as diverse as Elvis Costello, Guided by Voices, The Rolling Stones, Ryan Adams and The Smiths. Their...Read More »

Anna Cordell: The Moon

Anna Cordell’s rich folk music straddles that place between light and dark where true human emotion exists, her penchant for the minor key coupled with her intricate nylon and electric guitar playing and haunting yet uplifting voice make for an incredibly enthralling performance. Cordell’s music went and lost its priority after she completed university and fell into fashion design after deciding she was too sensitive to handle the strains of...Read More »

Gold Fir: Night Walk

Following a first play from Triple J, the intriguing new London duo Gold Fir offer inclusive, whole-hearted grooves with the release of their new single ‘Night Walk’, out on +1 Records. Simply known as James and Mabel, the pair’s eccentric, soulful sound is known to be inspired by their favorite places, friends and films. This love for the latter led to a collaboration on the video with Jack Brown, a...Read More »

JR Green: Technicolour Native

Somewhere between peat-bog and youth culture rises JR Green, brethren progeny of the Pictish heartlands. Hailing from Ardnamurchan, the most westerly point in perfidious Albion, siblings Jacob and Rory Green offer Celtic tradition fused with unyielding, veracious lyricism and thunderous, euphoric songwriting. Balderdash to your Bon Ivers and codswallop to your Mumfords, the brothers Green have lain to rest the epoch of sexless, gritless folk-pop with their atavistic clarion-calling strains....Read More »

Marged: Call From U

Forward-thinking Welsh electronic artist Marged cuts through the clamour with ‘Call From U’, her smooth return to the fold after adopting an updated moniker. Having received praise from the likes of Idolator, Indie Shuffle and Clash with two previous singles as MRGD, the Cardiff born artist is re-emerging from her creative South London scene in 2017. Her new material takes influence from the honesty and emotional vulnerability present in the...Read More »

Batya: Turn The Page

When Batya was only 10 years old she knew exactly what she wanted to do and the kind of person she wanted to become. She wanted to be an artist who expressed themselves and told their stories/experiences through music. She always believed that through honesty, loyalty and kindness you could achieve anything. She is the youngest of five but growing up she spent a lot of time alone as her...Read More »

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