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Jacq Becker: Nautical

On a warm sunrise in Southern California, Jacqueline Becker is awake, gently sipping on a tall mug of Turkish Coffee held close to her head in contemplation… “Sometimes I wish I lived in a dreary place not because I’m a dreary person, it inspires a different melancholy. I’m just drawn to that music, sad kinda like mellow, chill, you can play it whatever mood your in, it kinda fits and...Read More »

ELKI - Thunder

ELKI is a brand new independent Aussie pop artist who worked with the renowned Australian producer, Joel Quartermain (Meg Mac, Little Birdy, Eskimo Joe) to create this track. Thunder was inspired by ELKI’S fantasies of having Zeus-like powers. Manipulating the skies to communicate with her beloved who’s far away. Dreamy and heartfelt verses spiral into percussive, punchy choruses that drum their way into your psyche. ...Read More »

Della Lupa - Closed Borders

Della Lupa is a pop fusion act from Brighton UK curated and led by Singer Songwriter Steph Brown. Steph Brown’s mixed heritage of Italian, Vietnamese and English has fed into Della Lupa’s music to make a unique fusion of musical ideas, that combined, still remain familiar enough to straddle the pop genre. Sometimes represented in solo acoustic piano led form and at other times as a full power energetic 6 piece band the listener...Read More »

Ofelia K: Killing Me

Ofelia K.’s voice and compelling songs are worn down to perfection and balance wistful maturity with a certain earnest and eternally young expression. Not quite pop, not quite anything else, the young singer-songwriter showcases her beautiful symmetry with her music somewhere between an unrepressed journal entry, a comforting arm around the shoulder and her smoky, shimmering glare, her eyes so knowingly staring into you. With spins from Annie Mac at...Read More »

Elijah Steen: Let The Music

USC film student Elijah Steen releases his first short musical. The Student-athlete turned director kicks off the summer with a positive movement. Michael Jackson inspired and 80s pop vibes, “Let The Music” takes you on a visual joy ride. “The track was actually created after the idea of the visual concept: a world without music. With all the chaos in this world, we have to appreciate the sound that gives...Read More »

Toni Romiti: Imma Dog Too

Born on the Southside but representing the West Suburbs of Chicago, Toni Romiti is a multifaceted singer whose genuine talent is utilized to influence her listeners. Nurtured in a biracial household, as well as receiving encouragement from her neighborhood, Romiti’s diverse backdrop of influence has molded her into a vocalist capable of relating to a wider breath of audience through her meaningful content. Her quirky – yet blunt – disposition...Read More »

Staasia Daniels: Laid Off

Staasia Daniels is a promising Singer/Songwriter/Performer from the talented city of Toronto. Music (and food) has always been a passion of hers; it just does this magical thing where it brings her out of her shell and allows her to express her struggles, experiences, and quirky yet lovable personality. Her highly-recognized YouTube covers soon turned into a realization of her calling, so she decided to pursue it seriously and attended...Read More »

Brittany B.: Try

Brittany has worked with numerous major artists such as John Legend, Kelly Rowland, Chrisette Michele, and Ledisi. She is signed to Spirit Music Group. She co-wrote and provides vocals on the irresistible hip hop track ” Can’t Stop” by Theophilus London ft. Kanye West of the Vibes Album ( Warner Bros Records). Brittany has also worked with jazz/hip hop producer Terrace Martin, Super Producer Chuck Harmony, along with a host...Read More »

Enest: Light & Clear

Drawing inspiration from a vast musical range: electro to classical music, Jazz, prog and pop, ENEST creates a fresh and unique sound. Together with her lyrics and the visual aspect of her project she calls you to drift into a magical world of mystery and nature. Writing all the lyrics and music, and all strings arrangement, ENEST co-produced her debut LP, “My Silent Past”, with an electro-acoustic sound of a...Read More »

Gurr: Moby Dick

Gurr is a garagepop band from Berlin that sounds like a trashy 60s girl group meshed with poppy vocals in two voices and a flavor of eeriness dug out from the deep darkness that is the Berlin rocknroll bar’s restroom at 5 am. Gurr Garage-pop power trio Gurr call Berlin home, but their sunburnt hooks and playfully defiant attitude reveal more than a little classic California punk in their DNA. On...Read More »

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