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Sofia Portanet: Wanderratte

Berlin’s new duchess of alternative pop Sofia Portanet releases her second single Wanderratte, bringing post punk and Neue Deutsche Welle into 2018 with her very own contemporary style. Born in Berlin, raised in Paris and brought back to Berlin, Sofia proudly wears her classic German musical influences: “I like the repetitive and minimalistic side of German Krautrock bands such as Neu! and the musical arrangements, lyrics and sounds from German...Read More »

Ciircus Street: Broken

Channelling equal parts raw attitude and slick pop professionalism,the latter thanks largely to their perfectly harmonising vocals, Ciircus Street have been uniquely described in the past as a mixture of ‘salt and honey’. The contrasts and compatibilities in their sound as they effortlessly weave from naked to polished, impassioned to reserved, showcase an exhilaratingly dynamic songwriting partnership. The Reading based duo, consisting of Sam Brett (vocals/guitar) and Jim Crowder (vocals/keyboard),...Read More »

C. Shirock: Stand With Me Tonight

C. SHIROCK is Chuck Shirock – founder, frontman and primary writer for internationally acclaimed band, SHIROCK. The new music from C. SHIROCK is an evolution and a distillation of his previous work, cutting to the core of his identity, with a power and clarity not heard before. Blending anthemic choruses, musical builds and releases with heartfelt and personal lyrics, the new music from C. SHIROCK delivers a vulnerability, urgency and...Read More »

Calista Kazuko: Sweet Jailbird

High art, high class, high gloss, high drama – meet Calista Kazuko, the High Priestess of Pop Macabre; a Goddess with a grand piano; Amanda Palmer with a Vogue makeover, a loaded gun in her handbag and an occasional accordion. Hers is a femme-fatale fusion of sophistication, glamour and smart lyrical garottes tightened around hearts and minds. Calista Kazuko is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist known for her cinematic genre-bending and...Read More »

Elder Island: You & I

On the heels of a sell-out UK & Ireland tour Elder Island release their latest single, the dancefloor-ready ‘You & I‘. Following on from laid-back groove ‘Don’t Lose’, the track is the second to be released off their much anticipated debut album ‘The Omnitone Collection’. The album boasts a completely fresh set of previously unreleased material with the band quoting they ‘wanted to create a unified work within the album,...Read More »

Adam Evald: Dust & Ashes

Adam Evald is a Swedish chamber pop composer. With honesty and wit, he writes mellifluous pop with an idiosyncratic classical music touch. His melodies are crystal clear, as well as his lyrics, and together they intertwine, creating a thousand-fold map of emotions. By touring unremittingly, Adam Evald has made himself known all over the world. Since his live debut in 2012, he has given more than 350 performances on four...Read More »

Sky Cloured: In Dreams

Alt-pop collective sky coloured preview the lead single from their second EP ‘in the small hours’ – a polychromatic project inspired by the 1960s jazz and blues classics. ‘in dreams’, the EP’s lead single, details the pain of fragmented love, as a petty argument hints at the underlying, recurring problems of a relationship. The video follows the two dancers as they twist and turn through a shared space, their androgynous...Read More »

Deanna Petcoff: Stress

The word that jumps to mind when hearing Deanna Petcoff‘s music for the first time is yearning. Although yearning is a verb, not an adjective, it is the closest thing that can describe the hold her music takes on the listener. The warmth and texture of her sweeping vocals intertwined with the almost playful blueness of her lyrics fills the listener with a sense of intense longing, and reveals to...Read More »

Night Lights: Talk to Me

With members from Mexico, Japan, and Norway, Night Lights brings together an eclectic assortment of indie, rock, and soul influenced sounds in an effort to make people dance and feel feelings. The now Los Angeles-based band met while attending school in Boston, and have since discovered a balance between profound lyrics, hooky melodies, intriguing harmonic progressions, and anceability. They are inspired by the likes of Mutemath, Two Door Cinema Club, Friendly...Read More »

REL: Surgery

R E L describes her music as EVOCA-POP – a genre the 23 year old singer-songwriter created in 2016…music that makes you think and feel. R E L released a crowd-funded debut EP in 2015 called r.e.l., which garnered notable praise from music bloggers, industry and fans. The young independent artist has amassed over 2 million Spotify streams and nearly a million Youtube views. “Surgery” is the first single release...Read More »

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