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Bravestation - Haven

Brothers Devin and Derek Wilson formed Bravestation with childhood friend Jeremy Rossetti in the City of the 1000 Islands before relocating to Toronto in 2008. The name is merged from the titles of Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel Brave New World and Robert J. Hasting’s inspirational essay The Station. With influences ranging from ’80s new wave to modern rock, post-punk and electronic music, the band channels sounds from the past and...Read More »

Tobe - Miss Me When I'm Gone feat. Dizz

If you were to only listen to the chatter online and in the newspapers and magazines of the world, you’d likely think that the only music being made in Portland, Oregon was lovelorn folk and literate indie rock. But scratch below that surface, and you’ll find a strong, vibrant underground hip-hop scene that dominates the stages and eardrums of the city for decades. The Portland rap game couldn’t stay below...Read More »

Kika feat. Andreas Wijk - Can't Feel Love Tonight

Kika was born on May 5th, 1997, in Porto, Portugal. She goes to CLIP (Colégio Luso Internacional do Porto), ever since she was 3 years old. At CLIP, most subjects are taught in english. Consequently, Kika dominates the english language, as skillfully as portuguese. She is also fluent in spanish. She started to learn how to play the piano at the age of 5. Four years ago, she began to...Read More »

Bernhoft - Patience Revisited

“As I was writing for Islander a lot of the lyrics had references to boats and water and bridges,” says Bernhoft. “It’s almost like I was saying, ‘Hey, come on board, I’m gonna take you for a ride, and hopefully for the next hour you can forget about your troubles.’ That’s the kind of album I most wanted to make; one where the songs are in good spirits, and maybe...Read More »

Eryn Allen Kane - Have Mercy

Chicago-based artist Eryn Allen Kane has been slowly making noise on the music scene—she’s put in work with everyone from Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment, Towkio, Saba, and more, so far. The approach is very minimalistic, and serves the main instrument in the best of ways. Her stunning voice, won’t leave you un-phased. “Have Mercy” was written and performed by: Eryn Allen Kane. Engineered & Mixed by: Matt...Read More »

Shannon Saunders - Electric

Shannon Saunders is a 21-year-old song-writer from Swindon. She has been posting videos on Youtube since she was 14 years old and has accumulated over 60,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel. Her debut single ‘Heart Of Blue’, which she self released on her own label Lovejoy Records, reached number 48 on the iTunes chart with only her social media as a promotional tool. The video, which cost £9 to make,...Read More »

Mørland & Debrah Scarlett - A Monster Like Me

Mørland is a Norwegian artist, songwriter and producer. Kjetil Mørland is originally from Grimstad, a small town on the south Norwegian coast, but has lived in the UK for most of his adult life. This has had great influence on him as an artist and songwriter. The music draws inspiration from british pop, and Kjetil has a very apparent talent for catchy melodies and personal evoking lyrics, which he delivers...Read More »

Ben Browning - Friends of Mine

A pulsating solo effort from electronic pop crooning man-child and Cut Copy bassist Ben Browning is the shiniest, newest addition to the Cutters stable of artists. Prior to starting on Cut Copy’s most recent album Zonoscope, Ben Browning dug into his trusty mind-hole and began penning tracks for a solo release, culminating in the new 12-inch EP which is to be released by Cutters Records. I Can’t Stay is the...Read More »

Yelawolf - Best Friend (feat. Eminem)

The very day Yelawolf was born, his teenage mother strapped him into a stroller and rolled him around the mall. The first week of his life, she took him to house parties, and by the time he left high school, the family had roamed to so many towns that Yelawolf had attended 15 different schools. “I really never ever stopped moving,” he says while driving around Nashville, his home of...Read More »

Eurovision Song Contest 2015 - All the songs

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is the 60th edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest musical event. The contest is currently taking place in Vienna, Austria, following Conchita Wurst’s victory in the 2014 edition with her song “Rise Like a Phoenix”. This is the second time that Austria hosts the contest after holding its 1967 edition also in Vienna. The contest consists of two semi-finals, which took place on 19...Read More »

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