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The Cordial Sins: Not Enough

The Cordial Sins are an alternative rock group hailing from Columbus, Ohio. Mixing harmonious elements from traditional shoegaze groups like Slowdive, with classic grunge and alternative rock production, they stand apart from the rest. Front-woman, Liz Fisher, classically trained in violin – brings an indubitable force of musical skill enhanced with profound lyrical imagination while lead guitarist, Corey Dickerson, grounds the band in its rock roots with shimmering guitar licks...Read More »

Weekend Lovers: Gimme Gimme

“The Weekend Lovers deliver rock ‘n’ roll with a velvety wistfulness reminiscent of Christine McVie starkly juxtaposed with the unrepentant snarl of The Pretenders.” Xavier Otero – The Tucson Weekly. Weekend Lovers: Gimme Gimme Lyrics: Who was I to think it would last so long? We were writing all our favorite songs We were always heading out Why don’t you gimme gimme gimme gimme… Who was I to think I would cry for you? I would lie...Read More »

Hero Fisher: If I Die and Nothing Happens

British-born, French-raised and London-based, Hero Fisher is returning to release her sophomore LP Glue Moon. Hero’s career has so far seen her collaborate with Alison Mosshart and Boy George in the Mark Ronson-scored ballet Carbon Life, open for The Rolling Stones and Neil Young at Hyde Park, and get shortlisted for the 2014 Glastonbury Emerging Talent Prize. In 2015 she released her debut album, the critically-appraised Delivery which won her...Read More »

Fanshore & Tropic: Soul Define

Fanshore and Tropic is the vital new collaboration between Londoners Tyler Darrington and Tristan Gibbs (Fanshore and Tropic respectively). Originally the pair met and worked together in a clothes store for about a year, both were in bands but had a mutual interest in each other’s work. Tristan sent Tyler some voice memos with potential material and the duo quickly realised they had a unique chemistry. Though at the start...Read More »

J Appiah: Calling

J Appiah’s pointed observational songwriting stems from a lifelong fascination with people on both microscopic and macroscopic levels. Having finished a degree in Social Anthropology, observation is something that has always informed and given shape to his creative and interior life. “People bring colour to life and life is at the heart of everything” he writes. Musically, Appiah finds kinship with his listeners. The act of creating music for Appiah...Read More »

Kid Dad: Happy

Stories of bizarre vulnerabilities told from the perspective of four young guys who met to form the band which combines hard hitting riffs to the melancholy of 90s Grunge with tales of loneliness and self doubt but underlined with raw distorted guitars. The band’s third single Happy follows the band’s 2017 debut EP Disorder and single My Inner Baby which lead to them playing festivals across Europe this summer and...Read More »

Lewisburg: Clear The Air

Lewisburg are a band from North London born out of the solo project of singer-songwriter Ali Robertson. Described as dark-country they are influenced by acts such as Phosphorescent, Eels and The Deep Dark Woods. The band craft mellifluous, nostalgic songs with occasional widescreen sensibilities. Through Lewisburgs’ previous release ‘Slow Morning / Terminal’ the band received airplay on LA radio station KCRW, BBC6 Music and Amazing Radio and also earned plaudits...Read More »

UMA: A Remedy (to argue how I feel)

UMA is German-Austrian married couple Ella and Florian. They are living and working in Berlin. She studied classical music and sang in choirs in the solitude of rural Austria. In Vienna, as part of the supergroup Go Die Big City! And solo as Jools Hunter, she was already working with spacey synths and decelerated beats. Florian grew up in German suburbia where he formed a Guns N’ Roses tribute band...Read More »

The Molochs: Too Lost In Love

First, let’s meet back up with the Molochs—you remember them, right? Their America’s Velvet Glory was the earliest burst of light and energy to hit in 2017, an album of electrified rock ‘n’ roll like Dylan and Lou Reed by a band named after the Ginsberg-ian glutton god who demanded the sacrifice of all things good and pure. But now it’s 2018 and Moloch himself is fatter and happier than...Read More »

Russell Swallow: North London Girl - Featuring Kimberly Anne

Russell Swallow is one of those lucky pre-Brexit kids who has spent the last two years living between London and Berlin. As a result his sound is a refreshing synthesis of the classic British singer-songwriter tradition with ambient Berlin soundscapes. He uses confessional lyrics and allegorical storytelling to create songs that range from hushed, prayer-like confessionals to soaring, indie epics. “I’ve found a lot of peace of mind in Berlin,...Read More »

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