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Canceled Plans: Stay in Place

Canceled Plans is a band that makes music for people who like to stay home. The solo project, by twenty-year-old Michigan-native Michaela Stock, is driven by pop melodies and production yet rooted in indie folk and Americana . In the year since its start, Stock has been placed on bills with artists like Michigander, Brother Elsey and All is Well in the state’s most notable venues including Bell’s Brewery, Mac’s...Read More »

Say Sue Me - B Lover

Say Sue Me – B Lover ‘B Lover’ is taken from Say Sue Me’s forthcoming second album ‘Where We Were Together’ released on Damnably/Electric Muse April 13th. Pre-Order ‘Where We Were Together’ & get an instant download of ‘After Falling Asleep’ now & Poster/Postcard @ Bandcamp Recorded by engineer Chun Hakju at his Mushroom Recording Studio in Seoul and mastered by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service. Say Sue Me are a...Read More »

Karolina Rose - Invicta

Karolina Rose – Invicta Emerging from her sacred garden, she decided to express herself openly in song. Under a pale, crystal light, she began busily and dutifully pouring her passion into her poetry and melodies, inspired by her own transformation and sudden plunge into another world. She gave herself entirely until her heart burst. And then, she picked up the pieces and rebuilt herself, over and over. She continues to turn...Read More »

Totemo: Fifty Words For Time

Everything Happens Only Once is the first full length LP by Totemo. Having life turned upside down, overcoming breast cancer and undergoing a deconstruction of the home she knew, Totemo emerges the other side to create this 10 tracks piece. Following her critically acclaimed first EPs, the new album is the third collaboration with music producer Roey Avital (Garden City Movement). Together Totemo and Avital create intimate yet expanding songs,...Read More »

Kamoos: Xray Me

Kamoos was formed by local garage band veterans Juliette (UK) and Vivi (Germany) who, together in their modest rehearsal space, transformed their awkward harmonies and heavy beats into the band’s sexy weird post-punk, psychedelic sound. They were then joined by drummer Felix after seeing him perform. The twisting spiral guitar and dissonant synth sound of Kamoos was formed in Berlin when British expat Juliette and Berliner Vivi, whom had both been...Read More »

Kelsy Karter: Harry

With fans already in the likes of i-D, Billboard, Nylon and EW, Kiwi fast riser Kelsy Karter is the first breakout rock star of 2019. Stepping out with her most stratospheric track yet, “Harry” the singe co-written with Anthony Rossomondo ( who recently won a Golden Globe and is Oscar nominated for his work on the track ” Shallow” from” A Star Is Born”) and Tony Esterly ( who has...Read More »

LEX the Lexicon Artist - Special: A Mob Psycho 100 EP

LEX the Lexicon Artist – Special: A Mob Psycho 100 EP LEX the Lexicon Artist is Taiwanese-American rapper and egomaniac Alex Sun Liu. Plagued with self-repression, neurotic ambition, and delusions of grandeur, Alex created LEX in 2016 to shield polite society from her most socially unacceptable attributes, by redirecting them onto the stage instead. With a comically narcissistic persona and a domineering stage presence, LEX delivers surgically precise rapid-fire raps about things...Read More »

The New Division: Jealous

The New Division is the alias of Los Angeles based electronic Musician/Producer John Glenn Kunkel. With 3 albums and 4 EP’s as well as numerous remixes and productions featuring on his impressive and extensive resume, Kunkel starts 2017 with The New Division’s most euphoric and synth-heavy record yet: PRECISION. Featuring six analog driven tracks, Kunkel describes his latest work as, “An homage to neon-tinted dystopian cityscapes,” drawing inspiration from synth-laden neo-retro...Read More »

Somedays: Knockout

Somedays kicked off as a recording project between two friends from very different walks of life when street musician Eliseo couched a night at (now frontman and songwriter, then fresh law grad) Vittorio’s place. The duo recorded a few demos over a summer with their friend Luca on the drums. Within a few months Vittorio’s brother, Eugenio, joined as a rhythm guitarist. The lineup was complete once the Swiss model...Read More »

Harker Moon: Muma Says

As box-fresh an act as you’re likely to find, Harker Moon were formed only in 2017 by a set of reunited and like-minded musical school friends hailing from Kentish Town in North London. The lads’ proximity to the musical hub of Camden not only gave the band the opportunity to cut their teeth in some world-famous small venues but also access to a whole swathe of visiting musicians and their...Read More »

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