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Mini Trees - Steady Me - EP 2019

Mini Trees – Steady Me – EP 2019 Mini Trees is the brand-new musical endeavor from LA artist Lexi Vega. In recent years, her musical career has centered around her role as a drummer, both in the studio and onstage, but with the emergence of Mini Trees, the artist unveils her penchant for lyric and melody with her debut EP, Steady Me. These five songs catalog years of navigating unforgiving waters...Read More »

Crystalline - Drowning

Crystalline – Drowning Crystalline are a powerhouse indie rock band led by the dynamic vocals and livewire stage presence of Eva Mullen. Like all the best rock n’ roll gangs, the five-piece have a shared vision of restoring the rawness of guitar music and festival-ready choruses to the top of the tree and come armed with the looks, charm and ear for a hook to do it. ...Read More »

Freschard - ON FIRE

Freschard – ON FIRE Freschard – ON FIRE ON FIRE by FRESCHARD Freschard grew up in a farm in French Burgundy. She started organizing shows in the barn when she was about 12 years old. Aged 18 she moved to the big city, Paris, where she baked pies and cakes in a cafe. There, a local musician and regular customer called Andre Herman Dune wrote a few songs for her to sing. She...Read More »

Ashe: Moral of the Story

Ashe sings out of her heart without ever sounding like she is doing more than talking. But that kind of singing/talking sounds so inviting, powerful and natural that is so very hard to not fall for her. Of course it’s hard not to see bits of Lana Del Rey in her sound, but we can’t help to feel that Lana Del Rey would love to have her pace, her flow,...Read More »

Witching Waves - Persistence

Witching Waves – Persistence Persistence by Witching Waves Third album from London post punk trio Witching Waves! Recorded live to tape over 2 days at Sound Savers, this new record sounds authentic, alive, and arguably their most confident album to date. Witching Waves Persistence: The London trio Witching Waves released their first cassette, First Tape, in 2013. Drummer/vocalist Emma Wigham, bassist Ed Shellard, and guitarist/vocalist Mark Jasper (who also helps runs Sound Savers...Read More »

Say Sue Me - One Question

Say Sue Me – One Question (remastered 2018)Damnably/Electric Muse 2019 Say Sue Me’s debut ep “Big Summer Night” was originally released July 14, 2015 on CD only by Electric Muse in Korea and was included on the Say Sue Me compilation Damnably released in 2017. The tracks have now been wonderfully remastered by Matthew Barnhart of Chicago Mastering Services for RSD2019. Released on April 13 for Record Store Day UK/JP/KR 2019 on transparent...Read More »

Jett Kwong: Away

Born in Denver, Colorado artist Jett Kwong was introduced to singing at just five years old. Since then, she has gone on to perform and teach around the globe, lighting up venues from Shanghai to Berlin. Jett found her home in Los Angeles, California, where she now captivates audiences with her voice and Chinese guzheng music. Jett’s work is colored by themes such as family, her identity as a mixed...Read More »


THE MOLICE – GATE GATE by THE MOLICE THE MOLICE : Rinko ( Vocal & Rhythm Guitar ) Yuzuru ( Guitar ) Paro ( Drums ) Produced by THE MOLICE & Robby Takac Recorded at GCR Audio, Buffalo, NY Mixed by Brad Lauchert Mastered by Justin Rose @ Franklin Park North Mastering Recording Engineer : Brad Lauchert, Justin Rose, Tony Iannone, Nathan Winter Art Direction & Design by Rinko Photo by Lance Claypool Additional Musicians : Robby Takac ( Bass M-1 ), Tony...Read More »

Lauren Lakis: Right Now

Baltimore born, Los Angeles based artist Lauren Lakis, graces listeners with her signature sound of lo-fi garage rock. Narrating some of life’s deepest and darkest moments, Lakis’ use of honest and resonating lyrics will sink into your soul, creating an immediate connection with the singer. The hand-crafted rawness of her sound bellows deep and true, unscathed by the prevailing winds of today’s polite rock. Inspired by the challenges that life...Read More »

Cameron Hawthorn: Dancing in the Living Room

Cameron Hawthorn defies genres as an American singer-songwriter. His stunning vocals and songwriting blends elements of Americana, Country, Folk, and Pop/Rock to put him in a league of his own. Hailing from a small town in Kansas, he attributes his years of growing up in the Midwest to the authentic and honest storytelling found in his music. In his most recent work, Hawthorn has decided to sing directly and unashamedly...Read More »

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