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Twinkle Twinkles - Summer

Twinkle Twinkles – Summer Nostalgia is a tricky thing. Everyone wants to dismiss it (or the idea of it), at least when it fits their feelings, but the moment something emerges that touches on some fantasized past, the same people are drooling over themselves. But a little bit of reflection — of thinking back on simpler times (maybe with the less pleasant bits edited out) — isn’t a bad thing. It’s...Read More »

Zekkei Kujira - Saigo ni aihakatsu

Zekkei Kujira – Saigo ni aihakatsu This song flat out rocks hard, waits for you to stumble, sweeps the leg and leaves you on the floor. The guitars grind, get goofy and go full Hendrix; it’s unbelievable how talented these girls are. The lead singer also wails and I love the cracked voice to end the song. So badass. ...Read More »

Sofi Tukker - Awoo (feat. Betta Lemme)

Sofi Tukker – Awoo (feat. Betta Lemme) Loved by many and adored by chiliads, Sofi Tukker is up to reign the scene with interminable stream of latest single, Awoo, featuring Betta Lemme, that gets them avowed even more as a niche pop nabobs. Having their finger on the trigger on the eclectic and idiosyncratic sound compositions, Awoo is something of both terrestrial and sidereal, both tenacious and supernatural meaning it’s an...Read More »

Shaefri: Pixelate

London-based electronic-pop artist Shaefri proudly presents her pulsating new single ‘Pixelate’. Shaefri cut her teeth on London’s scene over the last five years with gigs across the capital from The Roundhouse to The Borderline. Now, the elusive artist showcases her neatly refined electronic sound; a unique combination of influences derived from her mixed Irish-Egyptian heritage, offset with the pulse of the metropolis she calls home. Recognised early on in Ireland,...Read More »

Dead Horse Beats: Dive

Montreal-based producer Patrick Wade AKA Dead Horse Beats, drops his latest offering of brooding electronic R&B entitled, ‘Dive’ via the Brooklyn imprint Bastard Jazz Recordings. Lifted from his EP ‘Bad Hopes’ streaming in full on Noisey – the single comes as a follow up to Wade’s 2014 album ‘Single People’, and his soulful take on electronic music – melding elements of R&B, disco and hip-hop, has already won him rave...Read More »

Teff Hinkson: So Insecure ft. Gallest

Bajan singer/rapper Teff Hinkson bursts back onto the scene on is new single, ‘So Insecure’ Ft. international superstar Rihanna’s brother Gallest, set to drop 30th September 2016. Highlighting the female insecurities so magnified by modern culture, the track addresses social pressures, anxiety at parties and fake confidence on social media. Whilst the catchy hook and vocals, produced by Mohamed Haniff and Yuri Koller, create a bright hip-hop vibe, the lyrically...Read More »

Mowbeck: Vaseline

Nottingham pop-rock four-piece Mowbeck are back with a gripping new ballad called „Vaseline“ taken from the band’s recently released debut EP „Talkabout“. The debut EP was written and recorded in a dingy rehearsal studio deep in an industrial estate, where the band began to stray from their early pop roots to embrace a darker, grittier core. Whilst ensuring that songwriting was always kept at the forefront and playing any gigs...Read More »

Talisker: Salanfe

Talisker is the place beyond all that I have seen, from which the gay and the jovial seem utterly excluded; and where the hermit might expect to grow old in meditation, without possibility of disturbance or interruption. It is situated very near the sea, but upon a coast where no vessel lands but when it is driven by a tempest on the rocks. Towards the land are lofty hills streaming...Read More »

Sofi de la Torre: Flex Your Way Out ft. Blackbear

Sofi de la Torre, the Spanish singer from the Canary Islands, shares her newest single, ‘Flex Your Way Out’ featuring multi-talented LA artist Blackbear, on 7th October under the self-styled banner #PopDoneRight. The track finds the two singers mirroring their dreamy vocals over Finnish pop producer Jonas Karlsson’s soothing, trap-infused instrumental. Whilst Sofi del la Torre is exposing a darker and more introverted side, as she laments the end of...Read More »

Marco Cinelli: You Watched Me Movin'

Marco Cinelli picked up the guitar at age 11 and now stands on the shoulders of Hendrix, Jeff Beck and BB King. In equal part passionate singer and elegant composer, he’s become a consummate [urban soul/pop] singer-songwriter. Born in Latina, Italy and following a stint at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, he moved to Amsterdam with his band, Growlin’ Love & Pain, where he produced and released...Read More »

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