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The Rigs: Fall or Fly

Born out of the desire to create, TJ Stafford and Caitlin Parrott began collaborating in 2014. Both prolific songwriters on their own, their unique synth-pop meets gritty alternative rock sound immediately began gaining attention. Their tracks have been featured on major television shows like HBO’s True Blood, AMC’s The Walking Dead, NBC’s Parenthood, FreeForms Pretty Little Liars and many more. The mix of emotive vocals, harrowing melodies and unexpected instrumentation...Read More »

Adam & Elvis: She Bites Mosquitoes

Bonded not only by blood but a taste for finding humour in the macabre, Patrick and Tom Malone are brothers whose sibling intuition extends to a penchant for songs as melodic as they are bizarre. Cut-throat guitars, dirty basslines and contorted synthesisers are their tools as the brothers pen hook-filled numbers with strange, poetic lyrics, often influenced by the stark realism in the wordplay of Patrick’s heroes Leonard Cohen and...Read More »

Marged: 3 Times (ft. AOBeats & Jailo)

Following the success of her Billboard-approved single ‘Call From U’, Welsh electronic artist, Marged, is back with the second release of the year – ‘3 Times’ – ahead of a show at Hackney’s Sebright Arms. The song boasts artistic qualities of the highest caliber for the purposes of female empowerment. Sonically ambient and lyrically poignant – the embedded percussive under-currents effortlessly intertwine with the hauntingly beautiful vocal melodies throughout, typical...Read More »

The fin.: Heat

The fin. are a group comprised of Yuto Uchino (vocals and synths), Ryosuke Odagaki (guitar), and Kaoru Nakazawa (drums / bass). To date, they’ve performed to thousands of rapturous fans worldwide at major festivals including Fuji Rock, SXSW and The Great Escape. In 2015, they released their debut UK EP Night Time through Lost In The Manor. Last year’s Through The Deep EP was a cleverly refined follow-up and it...Read More »

Glassmaps: Hyponotised

Glassmaps is the solo project of Joel Stein, lead guitarist in the much-loved Howling Bells. After four successful albums with the band, the UK-based Australian stepped back from the global tours and high-end studios to embark on an exciting solo endeavour. ‘Strangely Addicted’, his debut album, beautifully utilises electronic and organic instruments, delivering melodic, punchy, infectious tunes coupled with psychedelic soundscapes. Autobiographical lyrics speak of universal themes of life, love...Read More »

Paper Spook: Andy Warhol

Paper Spook is the project of Juju Lund and David Nilles. Bored of this world the two Berlin Kids decided to get married and start a band. Recording on a cheap drum machine and Davids old laptop they create a haunting new version of lo-fi punk. After two EPs and live shows all over Europe Juju and David introduce their debut LP “No Romantics“, set to be released on Rood...Read More »

Weaves: Walkaway

Toronto based quartet Weaves released their self-titled, debut album in June 2016 via Kanine Records (US), Buzz Records (CA) & Memphis Industries (ROW). The album was internationally acclaimed and recently choosen as one of ten albums for the Canadian Polaris Shortlist. Weaves is Jasmyn Burke – Vocals, Morgan Waters – Guitar, Zach Bines – Bassist and Spencer Cole – Drums. The video was directed by the band’s guitarist, Morgan Waters,...Read More »

Rufus Coates & The Blackened Trees: Footpaths of Shame

The Irish dark folk / blues combo Rufus Coates & The Blackened Trees are a unique, dark and atmospheric blues/folk band from Ireland currently based in Berlin Germany. ​In Ireland, the album was already voted the album of the week in the Irish Times and even secured the number one of the iTunes Blues charts. Photo by Jean De Oliveira The deep voice of Rufus Coates creates a beautiful contrast to...Read More »

Tobi Sunmola: Never Forget we're Here

The captivating story-teller Tobi Sunmola drops ‘Never Forget We’re Here/Tales From The East IV’ – the latest instalment in a series of conceptual releases documenting life in Manchester. Whilst receiving recognition for his abilities as a promising young poet, following the release of this year’s ‘Childhood Culture’ EP, the emerging rapper showcases yet more of his distinctive capabilities here. Sunmola escalates from the smooth flow through ‘Never Forget We’re Here’...Read More »

Balagan: Moonlight

Berlin-based Israeli and Icelandic garage rock band, Balagan, released a video for their single, “Moonlight” and it’s an eerie ride to weird town. The band, decked in intergalactic Hindu-inspired costumes and make-up, is obviously the center of the Daklis-directed video. It features the usual kaleidoscopic lens treatment seen in indie films all throughout, and it’s set in a river with a sort of cult-ish premise. The cinematography and color way...Read More »

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