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Vanessa Mai: Ich sterb für dich

Vanessa Mai ist eine deutsche Sängerin. Sie wurde als Mitglied der Schlagerband Wolkenfrei bekannt und arbeitet seit Auflösung der Gruppe als Solosängerin. Mai hat eine abgeschlossene Berufsausbildung als Mediengestalterin. Ihren ersten öffentlichen Auftritt als Sängerin hatte sie im Schulmusical Der Zauberer von Oz. Zuvor begleitete sie ab und zu ihren Vater, wobei sie unter anderem im Alter von sieben Jahren mit dem Tamburin auf der Bühne stand und mit zehn...Read More »

Xylaroo - On My Way

Xylaroo – On My Way New single “On My Way” is another slice of sunshine that deals with their usual subject matter of love, humanity, philosophy and conspiracy theories. With harmonies so tight – Coco says “it’s a sister thing” – they’d give First Aid Kit a run for their money, check out our premiere of the track below… Xylaroo are the sister act duo comprised of Anthropology graduate Holly and her...Read More »

Violet Days - Your Girl

Violet Days – Your Girl Entitled “Your Girl,” the cut finds vocalist Lina Hansson providing her most powerful performance yet as she addresses the intrinsic need to be loved with emotional, affecting vocals that demand radio play (especially when combined with the group’s uplifting electro-pop flair). VIOLET DAYS – a Swedish band based in Stockholm, consisting of Lina Hansson, Fredrik Häggstam, Kristoffer Eriksson and Fredric Johansson. The band met just after moving...Read More »

Mila J: TBH

Mila J’s confidence is conspicuous. Instead of shying away from who she really is, she capitalizes on her true self: fearless and resilient. No filter. Her devotion to music was destined. Born Jamila Akiko Chilombo, Mila J was raised in a multi-cultural and multi-talented family. Her father, a musician himself, introduced Mila J to music at 2-years old when taking her to her first concert: Prince. From the knee-high age...Read More »

Boudoir Noir - Wild Valentine

Boudoir Noir – Wild Valentine A mischievous track combining real and electronic instruments, Boudoir Noir releases the second single, “Wild Valentine”, off their upcoming EP, Endless Dawn, due out June 3. Rich soundscapes and Eastern influences slither around like a snake being charmed by a hypnotic rhythm. The tabla drum from India beats, an electronic hip hop mix, and a bass line recorded in Northern Michigan, create a bridge between East and...Read More »

Jude Perl: Hungry & Horny

Australian singer/songwriter/comedian Jude Perl unveils the visuals for her new single ‘Hungry and Horny’, taken from her debut album ‘Modern Times’ produced by Grammy Award – winning engineer Brian Paturalski (Album of the year in 2003 with Outkast). Jude Perl has been performing professionally for the past 7 years as a singer and pianist and in the last year has branched out into stand up and music comedy. In 2013, her debut single ‘Girls & Boys’...Read More »

Anthony Pavel: HerStory ft. Saba

Rising singer/ songwriter Anthony Pavel gets a little help from Saba on the first single from his upcoming Windows EP, “HerStory.” This joint’s super smooth and just a taste of what Anthony’s planning to give us with his EP early next year. Listen to “HerStory” below and look for more from Anthony Pavel to come your way soon. Anthony Pavel: HerStory ft. Saba Written by: Anthony Pavel & Ken Ross. Produced by:...Read More »

Lail Arad: Lay Down

Dripping with a very British sense of humour, Lail Arad could very easily be described as the replacement for Lilly Allen, but that would be very harsh indeed – although it does give an idea of the genre this fits into. Pop with intelligent lyrics; a cheeky smile to seduce the boys and the honest confidence to win over the girls. That might be sexist, but probably fairly accurate (go...Read More »

Lánre: Human

Lánre is a British singer-songwriter whose music can be described as acoustic Soul, Folk with captivating storytelling influenced by her Yoruba heritage. Born in Stoke-On-Trent in England, Lánre has spent most of her youth in Nigeria where she started singing and performing live at the age of 8. Soon enough, she started playing guitar and found freedom in her own voice. In 2002, Lánre embarked herself on a worldwide tour...Read More »

Camryn: Machines

Camryn’s early experience with performing was just like having a fear of skydiving, only to do it and immediately want to jump again. With her bold spirit and unapologetic panache, she may not seem like the kind of artist who would suffer from shyness, but after taking a deep breath and a huge leap of faith during a local performance, she was hooked on living life on the stage. The...Read More »

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