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Years and Years - Memo

Years and Years – Memo. Following the eclectic dance fusillade of “Desire”, this new track markedly more reserved. It’s intimate and introspective, skulking in the shadows as opposed to leaping into the limelight. The post-dubstep percussion still provides a healthy backbone to the track, but instead of garage-y hooks, it’s crammed with piano motifs and a heartbroken falsetto. Years and Years – Memo Years and Years – Memo Lyrics: Are you gonna hide Are...Read More »

BenZel feat. Juicy J & Cashmere Cat - Four

BenZel feat. Juicy J & Cashmere Cat – Four. BenZel is the [magical] life of Umi Takahashi and Yoko Watanabe. Originally from Osaka; Umi and Yoko both travelled to New York through their foreign exchange program. They met in early 2012 through an online message board about ankle socks and quickly discovered they each had a profound for 90’s R&B and J. Dilla. After many failed attempts to create a...Read More »

Lucid - Drive Back

Lucid – Drive Back. Lucid consists of Juliet and Janice, a creative singing duo with a strong belief in faith and the possibility to make your dreams reality. Two years after they met in university they decided to join forces in July 2012. Juliet gained musical experience by performing in plays and taking up singing lessons. Janice’ musicality stems from playing piano, taking singing lessons and producing beats. They have...Read More »

Kiki Rowe - Need You Now

Kiki Rowe – Need You Now. Keandra Shan Lal is a singer/songwriter who is more affectionately known to her fans as Kiki Rowe. Born and raised in Mississauga, Canada, the French nickname was given to her by her Mom,Dad and childhood friends. It has artistic associations and draws origins from the term “inspirational writer” .After listening to just a handful of original music crafted by the 19-year-old burgeoning artist it...Read More »

Felix Jaehn feat. Lost Frequencies & Linying - Eagle Eyes

Felix Jaehn feat. Lost Frequencies & Linying – Eagle Eyes. Born in Hamburg, Felix Jaehn is a young and talented music producer and DJ, who is specialized in tech – , deep – & sunny chill house. Recently, his free tracks and releases have been gaining a lot of attention by DJs, blogs and music enthusiasts all over the world. With a huge number of soundcloud plays and live shows...Read More »

Chelsea Lankes - Secret

Chelsea Lankes – Secret. There is a certain sweetness to Chelsea Lankes that emanates. It radiates through each of her songs, drawing you to her instantly. Her newest EP, “Ringing Bell” (August 28th, 2012), is a refreshing take on pop music, bearing the structural sensibility of a seasoned songwriter, and the creativity of a true artist. Chelsea upholds lyrical integrity and emotional articulation that exemplifies her passion of craft, while...Read More »

Idesia - Nu

Idesia – Nu. Idesia’s got more than a little something goin on, blending a delicious R&B, hip-hop, neo-soul, jazz smoothie into a satiating gift to the ears and soul. Sophie’s flawlessly unique timbre weaves in and out of the hip-hop drums, glossy keyboard lines and cleverly placed bass lines. One would think Dilla, Madlib or Flying Lotus are the masterminds behind the off-beat drum grooves in the verses, but they’re...Read More »

Nicole Musoni - Runaway Love

Nicole Musoni – Runaway Love. Her name is Nicole Musoni, and she is a singer-songwriter-composer who wears her paternal last name with pride, her natural inclination for music coming from her father’s side of the tree. The eldest daughter of the popular Rwandan artist Évariste Musoni was barely 2 years old when she set foot on stage for the first time; she accompanied her father to the mythic Odéon Palace...Read More »

Roo Savill - Pictures

Roo Savill – Pictures. Roo is a versatile and unique vocalist, currently recording her debut album and working as a session musician inLondon. Her voice is rich and soulful with a distinctive jazzy edge and she is often likened to artists such as Adele or Amy Winehouse. She has worked as a backing vocalist and alongside top artists such as Bruno Mars, Mariah Carey, Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child),...Read More »

Ed Prosek - Hold On Tight

Ed Prosek – Hold On Tight. Californian singer-songwriter Ed Prosek is an artist of striking talent. His intimate vocals and songs of honesty, introspection and worldly observation set him apart from other young songwriters, combining a musical beauty and individual sense of arrangement with powerful and emotive lyricism to create music that is truly undeniable in every sense of the word. The son of an opera composer, Ed Prosek’s journey...Read More »

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