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Frances Rose: Dangerous

New York City electro-pop outfit Frances Rose consists of Sarah Frances and Michelle Rose Cagianese. As dual vocalists, songwriters, and producers, the sisters are known for a dynamic sound which deftly blends a wide range of influences including R&B, indie rock, grunge, and contemporary chart-pop. Growing up in the rural Hudson River Valley, Sarah and Michelle began their journey with classical instruments at age seven, with Sarah learning violin and...Read More »

Sophie Beem: Skyline

Sophie Beem: Skyline. Though she was born and raised in New York City’s Upper East Side – known for its prep schools and penthouse apartments – Sophie’s adolescence differed drastically from her privileged surroundings. At home, Sophie faced serious family struggles that affected her deeply, so she turned to songwriting and singing as an outlet to express herself during the times she felt misunderstood. Using her pain to fuel her...Read More »

Rina Sawayama: Where U Are

Rina’s​ unsigned & its obviously very early days, but she’s​ already picked up momentum via a couple of tracks she uploaded herself onto Soundcloud (tips from Fader, Best Fit, Prefix Mag plus 50K+ streams racked up organically). This new tune ‘Where U Are‘ picks up on themes of loneliness and alienation in a digital age which the Japan-born, London-based Rina nailed in the slick, Arvida Byström-directed video for previous release...Read More »

Fantasy: Wenn du mir in die Augen schaust

Für Martin und Freddy – gemeinsam die Combo Fantasy – gab es in den letzten Jahren eine ganze Reihe von Gründen für haushohe Freudensprünge. Genau genommen: Wenn es nach ihren Erfolgen ging, hätten sie seit einer kleinen Ewigkeit die Erde gar nicht mehr mit ihren Füßen berühren müssen: Zu fünffach Gold und Platin, zu ECHO-Nominierungen und unzähligen weiteren Auszeichnungen, kam im März 2014 auch noch die Nummer 1 der Offiziellen...Read More »

Bled White: Nothing Lasts

Bled White already carries a contradiction in itself. You have the red, the blood as Urstoff of life and the carrier of passion. On the other hand, white as a noncolour, unites everything in itself as purity, innocence, and an empty canvas with that as an invitation to feel for themselves. Bled White plays musically with these contradictions. Although the songs are perhaps disenchanted, they shouldn’t cause disillusion. Like movies...Read More »

Cadence Kid: Xtc

I’m an LA Film composer/Orchestrator and multi-instrumentalist that decided to try a stab at songwriting and recording. Other than that I’m a pretty simple human just trying to enjoy life and find my place in it. The song you hear. I wrote and recorded on night and put the final touches on it with amber quintero from Boardwalk singing the higher part above me on the choruses. Mr. Cassidy Turbin...Read More »

Jack Conman: Heroin Strings

In terms of guitar, the percussive route I took stemmed from being a drummer prior to being a guitarist. I’d seen artists like Jon Gomm playing percussively, with beautiful melodic and harmonic qualities complementing the complex slaps, thumps and taps he manages to squeeze in whilst creating melodies and chords on the guitar. The thought of percussive artists who stretch themselves to their maximum potential on the guitar, whilst creating...Read More »

Marie Munroe: Give You Up

Aside from a voice full of richness and versatility, restlessness is the one thing which identifies Marie Munroe. Born Hilde Marie Kjersem, the Norwegian’s career and life has been full of change. Though what has come before may not completely identify her, it has certainly defined her route. Moving from Scandinavia’s spectacular jazz scene to a solo pop career, Munroe took a path performing under her own name. Critical acclaim...Read More »

Victoria Reed: Nothing To Lose

One spring evening four years ago, Victoria Reed played her cards right. Sitting on the bed in her apartment in Chicago’s Wicker Park, she shuffled her tarot deck and laid out her life: For her present, she pulled the Death card—“and it felt spot on,” she says. A philosophy major at DePaul University, she had fallen down the rabbit hole of reason and was in the midst of an existential...Read More »

Kylie Odetta: Can’t Erase It

Kylie Odetta, a masterful singer/songwriter has been called an old soul and penned over 200 songs. Her music is playful, powerful and soulful. Kylie O’s southern roots make for a unique twist in her vocal character as she emits an iconic sound that is both refreshing and original and emotional. You might call her an indie artist with hints of jazz, soul and pop influences. Kylie O has become a...Read More »

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