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Carl Nunes feat. Christian Ferraro - I Believe

Carl Nunes feat. Christian Ferraro – I Believe. Hail from Latin America; Carl Nunes started to produce at the young age of 17 when the scene of EDM was still underground in his territory. Now at 21 with releases in labels such as Armada, Pinkstar and Black Hole recordings between others, Carl has developed a unique progressive/house sound supported by the likes of W&W,Thomas Gold,EDX, First State, Kyau and Albert...Read More »

Haerts - No One Needs To Know

Haerts – No One Needs To Know. There is something decidedly mystical about Haerts’ story and it’s reflected in their sound, a kind of elegiac but warm electro-pop, which is showcased on their debut EP, Hemiplegia. Fittingly, you can almost narrate the band’s entire trajectory via the personal astrology charts of its members—an international constellation composed of Nini Fabi, Ben Gebert, Garrett Ienner and Derek McWilliams. Every time something...Read More »

Steven Christopher - Breathe

Steven Christopher – Breathe. Everyone has dreams and ambitions in life, but only a select few can clearly see the true vision of their dreams and make them a reality. Steven Christopher had a dream to become one of the top entertainers in the music world. With a creative energy shown through his vocals, charismatic personality, focused work ethic and a creative blend of hip hop, R&B and soul, 25...Read More »

Cooper Phillip - Walk a Mile

Cooper Phillip – Walk a Mile. With her stunning voice, beautiful looks and intense drive, Cooper Phillip captures the undivided attention of the eyes and ears around her. COOPER has always been a small town girl with dreams bigger than anyone could fully imagine. Born in Russia to a family of classical musicians, her early years were shaped by being raised by her grandmother and aunt while her mother, a...Read More »

Niia - Body

Niia – Body” From its first haunting piano arpeggios, “Made for You” is an audacious debut single revealing a darkly romantic vision. And the video, directed by notorious filmmaker Tony Kaye, is equally so. Eerie footage of a silicone-sex-doll factory mingles with images of sex and death, Hollywood glamour and promise lost. Not until the final frames do we see Niia herself: an enigmatic sylph stripped bare, rising to strangle...Read More »

Victoria Monét - We Are People

Victoria Monét – We Are People. Born in Georgia and raised in Sacramento, Victoria Monet is an artist with a unique sound worthy of notice and recognition. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Monet ambitiously pursues her passion for music as she continues to grow as an artist, making a name for herself in this tough business and exploring the vast wealth of opportunities music has to offer. As a young...Read More »

Dave Al - Want You To Know

Dave Al – Want You To Know. The sound of the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York, is the sound of the melody of two separate worlds. It is the place where you can hear the sound of the gangsters battle through the streets for territory; and where the young urban professional crowd meet at swanky restaurant for a mimosa on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Sometimes, these two worlds collide,...Read More »

Jade de LaFleur - You Know I'm Down

Jade de LaFleur – You Know I’m Down. R&B has been growing and producing amazing artists lately talented crews and cliques are also emerging. Jade De Lafleur, formerly known as Jade is a new artist that has a style that is elegant and robust with a delicate mix of vintage and fresh. As a southern belle, born and raised in Houma, LA (right outside of New Orleans) Jade was influenced...Read More »

Kehlani - Till the Morning

Kehlani – Till the Morning. The Bay Area native got her start as a dancer — both ballet and modern — and attended Oakland School for the Arts. After an unfortunate knee injury leaving her unable to dance she transferred into vocal training and the rest is history. She began her journey into the music business when she joined Poplyfe in the 8th grade and hasn’t looked back since —...Read More »

Estelle - Something Good

Estelle – Something Good. Estelle Fanta Swaray commonly known as Estelle, and formerly as Est’elle, is an English R&B singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer. Estelle was born in London. After meeting John Legend, Estelle signed a record deal with V2 and Atlantic Records. In 2004 Estelle released her debut album The 18th Day, which peaked within the top 40 of the official UK charts. The album released three singles “1980″,...Read More »

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