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Tink: I Like

The multi-faceted singer/rapper/songwriter, Tink grew up in Calumet City a south suburb outside of Chicago, Illinois. Starting her musical attributes at the age of seven, the young artists’ musical influences were from both her parents– her mother being a gospel singer and father being a music producer. Tink started singing in the Church and from there her father encouraged her to write. Attending the same high-school as Chicago’s nBa star...Read More »

Ray Blk: Talk To Me

Ray Blk is a R&B singer / songwriter from South London who cites her inspirations as Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, biggie smalls and Lil Kim. She infuses soulful sounds with a hip hop edge and asserts that her primary focus are lyrics while vocals are secondary. Ray hopes to bring something new to the R&B scene that the UK can call their own. A lot of thought and passion has...Read More »

Heroics: New Lovers

Based in London, fronted by Northern Irish singer Graeme Wylie, and formed through several musical collaborations over the last few years. Born from the benefits of an Internet age, Heroics were formed through a love of punk, indie and all things pop Originally consisting of Graeme, Alex, Jarrett and Chris, the lineup slowly came to a halt as Jarrett achieved success as a sound engineer for Spector, and Chris eventually...Read More »

Tei Shi: See Me

Raised in Vancouver and Bogotá, and based in Brooklyn, Valerie Teicher aka Tei Shi is an artist with a silky voice and ethereal music to match. Her sound, what she likes to call her “mermaid music,” is-intentionally-somewhat hard to categorize, and probably best described as a fusion of indie pop, electronica, and airy ’90s R&B. Entirely on-trend, yet still enticing and distinguished. Meet Tei Shi, an Argentina-born songstress who spent her...Read More »

Freedom Fry: 21

In February of 2015, Freedom Fry started the year at #1 on The Hype Machine with their first in a series of new singles, “Shaky Ground (Hey Na Na Na).” Spotify included them in their rankings of “100 Emerging Artists From SXSW,” and in the Spring they toured the west coast with Belgian sensation Stromae, all followed up with a Los Angeles residency during the month of May. The French/American...Read More »

Tongues: You Never Knew Me

Tongues was born from demos pieced together during an 8 month round-the-world trip. Bold synths, deep subs and soaring vocoders have drawn comparisons to Hot Chip, Alt-J and fellow Glaswegians Chvrches. Tongues.’ soul aim is to create inspiring, uplifting pop songs combining raw energy with a delicate emotive touch. Colours In The Dark, was accidentally left public on Soundcloud in January 2015. A few days later the track had amassed almost...Read More »

Carley Austin: Through Her Eyes

Sydney’s Carley Austin, is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter. With a background of acoustic/folk roots, Carley has spent the last two years creating a unique sound; blending her soft, heart-felt tones with ambient, electronic production. Singing at a very young age, Carley grew up attending guitar and vocal lessons, and performed around Sydney for over a decade. When she was 12, Carley began writing songs on piano and guitar, and enjoyed creating...Read More »

Boddhi Satva: Skin Diver feat. Teedra Moses

Invocation is the new album from Central African Republic (C.A.R.) electronic/house producer Boddhi Satva on BBE Records. Satva vowed early in his career to make a statement through a signature sound of his own. Ancestral Soul was born. When music is the soundtrack of universal rituals – birth, graduation, marriage, and ancestorship, that’s Ancestral Soul; when music is simultaneously an tense argument between passionate lovers, a intense freestyle session between-...Read More »

Joni Payne: Must Have

Singer/songwriter Joni Payne combines her classic jazz influenced vocals with new age r&b melodies to create a unique sound that can best be described as street meets relaxed chic. Born in the midwest, but having lived on the east and now west coast, Joni has been influenced by a wide array of genres and American cultures that have helped her develop an explosive and haunting electronic style. Coming from a...Read More »

Banoffee: With Her

Set to lead the charge as one of Australia’s most exciting musical exports, Banoffee is the solo project of Melbourne based singer and producer Martha Brown. Her recipe of new wave, R’n’B, meshed with gliding synths, syncopated beats and textured vocals have become a staple in the electronic-pop music scene – and this exciting talent is just getting started. With a fresh and non-committal attitude to any one musical style,...Read More »

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