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Calvin Ross: Last Dance

Calvin Ross is an R&B singer and producer hailing from Tennessee. Calvin Ross began making music when he was 17, right after moving back home to Tennessee from a 6 year stay in Detroit. He acquired a friend’s setup for $100 where he began making beats on Fruity Loops. After becoming acquainted with how to produce his own beats, he took advantage of his talent for singing and turned to...Read More »

Theia: Roam

Every so often a new talent emerges seemingly from nowhere. And yet, their sound and aesthetic is so familiar, it’s almost as if you’ve known them forever. Welcome to the stage Theia – an exciting singer-songwriter from New Zealand, who holds the power to alter the axial tilt of the pop world. In Greek mythology Theia is a Titaness. Theia brings overtones of extent, brightness, and light. She is the...Read More »

Makree Feat.Max'C - Thank You (Radio Edit)

In that liminal space, between what we like in music and what we haven’t imagined yet, it feels like a payday listening to something like following tune, giving more gust than ever. Latvian producer Makree until this very day has been so keen in cooking up trendy house infused tracks as his newest one, Thank You, featuring iconic Max’C, is such that. Granted, the sack of deep and juvenile beats...Read More »

Bloods - Bring My Walls Down

Syndey’s Bloods return for a sophomore album and the first track blows in like a sweet breeze across the ocean. They soften the attack but keep their chewy ’90s center strong, transitioning from garage pop into a gnarled bit of Alt rock that mines The Muffs, Letters To Cleo and Veruca Salt. There’s been a steady turn towards the ’90s in the past couple of years but its always great...Read More »

Young Kato - One. Two. Three. Four.

The bloody fantastic five Young Kato finally breaks the silence counting down the excellence on their comeback single entitled One. Two. Three. Four. It’s another great pop chef-d’oeuvre reminiscent of earlier Duran Duran deeds, however stuns with not less buoyant, an adore-proof and equable marigold-like pop ssounds that serves the bombshell sensations with éclat. ...Read More »

Sonne Riley: Want Love

Sonne Riley is a 19 year old singer/songwriter based out of Baltimore, Maryland. his song is dedicated to Sonne’s mother, who attempted suicide when he was young, just one of the reasons related to her illness that he was in the custody of CPS for so much of his life. Sonne has a unique ability to tell his stories that will endear him to a broad spectrum of audiences for...Read More »

Apperaat: Unturned Stones

Apperaat is a Danish artist duo consisting of Tam Vibberstoft and Niels Gade. Apperaat is a wide-ranging project that combines the disciplines of music, film, poetry, visual arts and performing arts in an unpredictable mix. We released our debut album titled ”? !” in November 2013, and since then we’ve been doing a great number of things: We have participated in several exhibitions and performed by a variety of art...Read More »

Sekuoia: Brace (feat. Marc Roland)

The Copenhagen-based 23-year-old has spent the last few years releasing a series of increasingly innovative EPs, working with the likes of Superpoze, Sivas, and Thomas Barfod. More recently Sekuoia turned to fellow Dane and electro-pop sensation KIll J to team up on the hugely successful sultry electronic R&B induced gem, ‘Lamp In The Dark’. Now, with his latest release, Sekuoia further cements his position at the heart of the forward-thinking...Read More »

Annalé: Roses

A perfect blend of Neo-Soul, R&B, and Pop…is how singer, songwriter and recording artist Annalé best describes her music. Currently based in LA, Annalé was born in NY and raised in South Korea and New Jersey, being exposed to many different cultures and experiences that reflects her sound. “I love music that I can feel and am pretty eclectic when it comes to the types of music that I...Read More »

Judah Gavra: Falling

Judah is a singer-songwriter/ actor based in New York City. In March 2013 Judah competed in Eurovision Israel 2013 (Kdam Eurovision) with his song “We’re Beautiful” and received rave reviews for his performance. “We’re Beautiful” is now available on iTunes and Stores… After a period in New York, teaching music, dancing and acting in a Jewish summer camp, Judah found himself in 2006 in Israel again, planning to study performing...Read More »

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