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Sherpa: Fornever

Danish dark pop act, Sherpa, impress with debut single ‘Fornever’, due for release through the indie label MiniMe Records. Beginning with soul-shaking drums and the tender lead vocals of Carsten Eliasen’s, the track’s kaleidoscopic layering is both stylistically forward thinking and nostalgic. Overflowing at its finale to a contemplative, pulsating, synth-driven outro, the duo introduce their unique method of creating a musical space to dictate an emotional uprooting for the...Read More »

Albin: Prag

Albin Johansson is a musician, composer and producer based in Malmö, Sweden. His love for analog synthesizers and drum machines is the foundation of his instrumental music. Since 2013 Albin has made several releases on different labels (Zeon Light, Rundgång Rekords) and played around 100 solo shows in Sweden, Germany and USA. A new album called MT4X will be released on vinyl in January 2018. The title is taken from...Read More »

Murmur Tooth: A Belly Full

Once a band, now a solo project, Murmur Tooth is the songs of Leah Hinton. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, sometimes grimy, sometimes beautiful, not for elevators, not for dancing. Murmur Tooth: A Belly Full Murmur Tooth: A Belly Full Lyrics: And we’ll wait, baited breath, baiting lines Breathing in tounges and jumping to respond Hook, lies and sinker Just sink in and I see the moon has pulled your face out of shape A debt I’ll never collect...Read More »

Jess Weimer - Until You Drop EP / 2017

Jess Weimer’s debut EP. Written and performed by Jess Weimer, produced by Beto Vargas and Mert Özcan at The Record House. Jess Weimer – Until You Drop EP / 2017 Originally hailing from Wichita, Kansas, Jess Weimer has led a musical life. This Midwesterner has been singing and writing songs as long as she can remember. Musical theater played a crucial role in Weimer’s love of performing. Jess started appearing in musicals...Read More »

Gavin Chappell-Bates - Bad Faith / Good Faith

Gavin Chappell-Bates is a European acoustic folk-rock singer-songwriter from Cambridge, England. Gavin Chappell-Bates – Bad Faith / Good Faith ‘Bad Faith / Good Faith’ is the second single to be released by Cambridge musician Gavin Chappell-Bates from his forthcoming second album. In contrast to the first single released from the album, ‘Bad Faith / Good Faith’ is a philosophic indie-dance-rock anthem to get you dancing and thinking. The song was inspired by the...Read More »

Goodnight, Sunrise - Remember Now

Goodnight, Sunrise is an indie-rock-and-roll-super-fun-dance-party band from Toronto, Canada. Goodnight, Sunrise – Remember Now. Founded in 2011 through a shared love of pop hooks, EDM drops, and the raw power of classic rock, their sound has naturally evolved into a hybrid reminiscent of CHVRCHES, Muse, and July Talk. Armed with confetti canons, glowsticks and an abundance of relentless energy, they’ve taken their explosive live show to over 200 audiences across Canada and...Read More »

THE FURR - Dr Lucifer & The Magic Factory

THE FURR – Dr Lucifer & The Magic Factory Just myself, learning and fleshing out the ideas in my head. Ive been playing bass since 2004. Last December I decided to get into recording myself as a one person band. I picked up a shitty Casio keyboard, started to write songs and it took off from there. Got myself a drum kit and a guitar about a month later. ...Read More »

Kingslynn - Into the White Light

Kingslynn – Into the White Light With synth influences from the 80’s, modern instrumentation and strings of a grand orchestra, Kingslynn manages to balance retro stylings and epic arrangements while avoiding some of the common melodramatic pitfalls. The Miami trio isn’t shying away from their influences. They’re taking them in, embracing them and pulling them in every imaginable direction. In 2014, Kingslynn released their first 4-song EP titled “Dreamer”. The EP was...Read More »

Roxi Drive - Girl on the TV - Debut EP

Roxi Drive – Girl on the TV – Debut EP 80’s pop/ synthwave singer/ song writer *Looking for keys player to rehearse and gig with. UK based and even better as close to Brighton as possible* Run all Night is a synth heavy love letter to the 80s. Perfect for a summer mix tape. Neon Dystopia ...Read More »

BAER - The Pink Formosa - EP

BAER – The Pink Formosa – EP BAER is a multicultural electropop artist who is currently based in Los Angeles. Born in Taiwan and partially raised in Canada, she feels this exposure to different cultures has expanded her musical horizons, citing genres such as R&B, Hip Hop, electronica, and Pop as influencing her sound. Having made a splash last year with her Breathe The Same EP, BAER is back with River – a new single...Read More »

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