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Maxine Ashley: Paradise

Bronx-born Maxine Ashley is a soulful & sassy 20-year-old misfit with a mesmerizing voice and a rebel spirit. She defies conventions with her adventurous music and style, loves the Smiths as much as Beyonce, and refuses to keep her big mouth shut! Her YouTube Channel has over 9,000,000 views of her spellbinding covers of R&B hits recorded in her bedroom. Maxine’s magnetic performances in the videos soon made fans and...Read More »

Lisa Danaë: I'll Lie Here

Growing up, Lisa Danaë spent her grade school years doing what most little girls do, singing her favorite Disney scores and dreaming of a fairytale life. As she grew older some of the faces she had seen and voices she had heard started to appear in places outside of Disney. As she watched Artists like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and more develop into real life Pop Stars, Lisa...Read More »

Morgan Taylor Jones: Shine

In her new single “Shine,” Morgan Taylor Jones embraces a soft, quiet intro that slowly erupts into a rhythmic melody with hip hop undertones. Morgan explains that “Shine” comes from a place where elegance and brawn collide. It’s a song that allows the listener to embrace the sultry sounds of R&B, while still hearing the raw, rugged sounds of other genres. “I wanted to approach things from a different angle....Read More »

Yellow Shoots: Stormy Weather

Yellow Shoots has already released an EP of diverse and layered pop and “Stormy Weather” is the promising next step down that same sonic path. The tune is a dusky, slow burn of a song that flickers and shudders with emotion and style. Before even a single lyric is uttered, “Stormy Weather” has already conveyed much through its stirring instrumentation. Greg Matthews is a New York-based singer/producer popularly known as “Yellow...Read More »

Erva Carter: WWD

Erva Carter is a Houston-based singer/songwriter with a sound that is big and bold, yet smooth and calming. Since Erva is inspired by a diverse group of artists, she offers a sound that is refreshingly unique. Erva crosses boundaries by merging airy sounds like those of Alina Baraz and Jhene Aiko with a sultry soulfulness that results in a sound that is all her own. In collaboration with Houston-based producer...Read More »

Siren and the Sea: Amazon

Cristina Cano is a writer, vocalist, and performer dedicated to crafting rich melodic soundscapes, as well as engaging intimate and vulnerable experiences. She has been seen on stage playing keys for Sallie Ford, and Albatross. In the upcoming Siren and the Sea album, ‘This Time With Feeling’, she develops a world of seemingly underwater and other worldly symphonies highlighted by her own lush vocals, layers of rich synthesizers, bass, electronic...Read More »

Iris Gold - Good Vibes

Iris Gold – Good Vibes London’s finest alternative pop starlet is coming strong with the visuals for her new project ‘The Marsha Hunt Mixtape’ and the latest is a playful video for ‘Goodvibes.’ As usual, her rock roots are showing, with a heavy emphasis on drums and vocals to carry the song, and her voice gives off the grainy quality necessary to balance the static electronic synths. Definite hip hop and...Read More »

Ladyshark - Set Yourself Free

Ladyshark – Set Yourself Free Ladyshark are a 2-piece, stripped-back, rock duo using guitar loops, FX, vocals and drums. Sarah is on guitar/guitar loops/lead vocals and Jane is on drums/back up vocals. There’s a dark, art-rock edge to Ladyshark’s sound with a distinct riot grrrl flavour. The new album “Monsters” is now available through Bandcamp: Ladyshark were formerly Anu Sava. Anu Sava started out as a solo project from Sarah Vardy, front...Read More »

Escapists: Animals

When Escapists’ vocalist Simon Glancy moved to London to concentrate on his songwriting, he asked the only musical friend he knew to help record his ideas. Enter Oli Court, future Escapists guitarist. Oli drafted in his friend, composer Max Perryment, to play bass and the trio spent a week of intensive sessions finalising Glancy’s ideas before deciding their musical camaraderie was worth pursuing. Oli’s former schoolmate Andy Walsh was enlisted...Read More »

Joy Crookes - Sinatra

Joy Crookes – Sinatra ‘Sinatra’ is the second single from London-born seventeen year old singer/songwriter Joy Crookes. Produced by Michael Percy, the track is the follow-up to ‘New Manhattan’. Joy is currently in the studio writing and recording her debut album. Joy Crookes is a seventeen year old singer/songwriter from South London. Joy has recently performed at Highroad House, Balham’s The Bedford, Wilkestock, On Blackheath festival and at Shapes Hackney. Joy is...Read More »

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