Calista Kazuko: Benzo Belle

Roll up, roll up – the circus has come to town and invite you into their weird and wonderful world! Calista plays ringmistress to tell the story of our heroine, ‘Benzo Belle‘ and the circus her life has become. Depreciated in a loveless marriage, a monotonous carousel existence, delusional and exhausted, self-medicating to numb the pain. Will she escape this Stepford Wife life prison and live out her fantasies to run away with the circus?… The heartbreaking ‘Benzo Belle’ is being placed album frontrunner for its sophisticated, emotional songwriting and cinematic, evocative production. The record cherishes an eerie, tongue-in-cheek tenderness similar to The Dresden Doll’s cult classic ‘Coin Operated Boy’ and is quickly becoming a fan favourite.

Calista Kazuko: Benzo Belle
Calista Kazuko: Benzo Belle

The stunning music video made by filmmaking duo Thomas Linton and Philip Reinking transports the viewer to another-worldly fantastical bazaar. This unstoppable collaboration has become a tour de force, with ‘Benzo Belle’ being the latest offering from the ‘Empress’ visual collection. Praised for their visionary videos, this film is the biggest, boldest yet. Calista’s recent single releases have garnered much love and support from fans and the media, premiering with Earmilk, championed by BBC Introducing London and featured in high-profile Spotify playlists including Acoustic/Alternative Heavy Hits and H&M, Zara and Pull&Bear in-stores.

“Powerful women throughout history are massively sexualised, even objectified. Is it because history is written by men? Or were these Empresses using their female prowess to rule the world?” Calista’s highly anticipated debut album ‘Empress’ considers the stories of women in history to form this fearless, cinematic tribute to womanhood, self-love and empowerment. Co-produced by award-winning film composer Guy Dagul and recorded at London’s Rattle Studios, ‘Empress’ finds Calista continuing to modify the norms of modern songwriting with a characteristic mix of sensuality and sense of humour. Each track tells a story about a different Empress, resulting in a stunning concept album that challenges complex themes while never losing its sense of fun: the song ‘Cake’, for instance, finds Marie Antoinette on Tinder!

Calista Kazuko: Benzo Belle

Calista Kazuko: Benzo Belle Lyrics
*Ooh, nice day!*

I can be anything for you baby, I can bake lots of cake with a smile.
We can make 40 babies, any way you want us to.
Let me put my best frock on,
Let me fix my lipstick.

Robot lover, Benzo Belle, lacklustre, lifeless, vacuum shell.
Oh well…

I can be anything for you baby, I can lie legs out wide with a smile.
Tell me your fantasy, mine doesn’t matter baby, this is all about you.
‘Cause what would I be, I’d die, my world stops —- without you.
Wait first let me pop a pill,
Insert without feeling.

Robot lover, Benzo Belle, lacklustre, lifeless, vacuum shell…

I hate you.
Well, if I felt anything I’m sure that I’d hate you,
I’d squash you.
Payback for all of the squashing and all of the rolling,
And grunting and huffing and puffing,
And gnawing and scratching and boredom,
And all of your games, I don’t find them funny,
And words all those mean words,
And lies all those sweet little lies,
And looks those looks of hate,
Oh this is tiring let’s go back to sleep…

I can be anything for you baby.
Robot lover, Benzo Belle, lacklustre, lifeless, vacuum.
Oh well….