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Tongues: Heartbeat

Tongues music has been described as ‘hook laden’, ‘gorgeously grungy’, ‘festival ready electro’, amassing over 1 million plays across Spotify, Youtube & Soundcloud. Our highlights of 2015 were performing on BBC’s Introducing stage at T in the Park, playing at Belfast’s Culture Week, reaching Number 1 on blog chart Hypemachine and being selected for Spotify’s discover weekly playlists. Tongues aim to combine raw energy and emotion through the medium of...Read More »

K-essence: Dangerous Man

This Katowice-based group was founded by Bartek Czarno-Księżyk, leader of the unforgettable indie rock band NeLL. The atmosphere K-essence create can be compared to that of the masters of the genre, such as Nick Cave, Peter Murphy, Mark Lanegan and early Bowie. K-essence debut, “Prince of Pawns”, was released by Requiem Records and the project was crowdfunded on K-essence is the first and so far the only representative of...Read More »

Neisha Neshae: On A Cloud

When you think of trap R&B think of Neisha Neshae, the Ypsilanti native has been causing quite a stir in The metro Detroit area, that’s arguably known for being the birthplace of black entertainment culture as we know it. So it’s of little surprise that the hip hop girl wonder is widely regarded as one of the most successful hip hop entertainers in all of Michigan and is now aiming...Read More »

Walking On Cars: Catch Me If You Can

It takes equal measures of determination, integrity and vision to stick to your guns. Most young rock/pop groups would just give up if things weren’t seen to be going their way, but five-piece Irish band Walking On Cars look adversity in the face and laugh at it. Walking On Cars took their initial baby steps in 2010. The five school friends – singer/lyricist Patrick Sheehy, pianist Sorcha Durham, lead guitarist...Read More »

Sara Hartman: Satellite

Sara Hartman is just full of surprises. This frizzy haired and funny 20-year-old with a huge voice had never left New York, but a year ago, she jumped on a plane by herself to Berlin, Germany in order to pursue a dream of making music. “I had just finished reading Patti Smith’s book, Just Kids,” she recalls. “That really helped me while I was getting my bearings. To me, Berlin...Read More »

McGonigle & Gladstone: You Walked Away

Michael McGonigle & Suzanne Gladstone are an original singer-songwriter team/music duo. They met in 2014 and from then on have written 14 songs, 5 which have been professionally recorded in the studio in 2015. Their songs are full of passion, truth about life, love, and heartache. A little Contemporary Rock, a little Jazzy, bit of Country, a bit of Pop, Their songs have an original fusion sound that the two...Read More »

Still Changing - We Don't Understand

Still Changing – We Don’t Understand Still Changing are a band that brings you the very best from both worlds. A raw and melancholic rock mixed with the pure joy and catchiness of pop. The Norwegian band of four is not afraid to explore unexpected territory or afraid to unleash their pop-filled guilty pleasures. Dance drums and bass, rock guitars and smooth synthesizers are just a few of the many ingredients in...Read More »

Hollie Haines - Romeo

Hollie Haines – Romeo. With her emotionally charged and brilliantly reflective lyrics, Hollie Haines as managed to turn folk/rock melodies into delicately balanced pieces of art. A Leeds based singer-songwriter, Hollie Haines is paving her own way in the music industry, making music that is straight from the heard and undeniably entertaining. After performing to a crowd of 2000 at just sixteen years old, Hollie has gone from strength to strength. She...Read More »

Eldoradio: Eldoradio

That moment when you hear a song for the first time and you know it. Well, you just know it. You know this is made of that particular substance of which the great bands are made, the names that will adorn posters and neon at the doors of venues and that in no way can, should or will go unnoticed. Eldoradio are one of those bands. Trollhattan, Sweden – a...Read More »

4am: Yearning & Calling

London-based electro-R&B boy/girl duo 4am follow up their highly praised debut release ‘More’ with ‘Yearning & Calling’ – a stunning second effort that perhaps overshadows their original release. Sonically, it has strong desires to go bigger than it does, but thanks to those crystalline, delicate vocals, it remains restrained but with an added richness that an instrumental alone wouldn’t be able to accomplish. In the last year or so, I’ve...Read More »

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