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Michael Jablonka: Mantra

A slick soulful shuffle awash with Hendrixian harmonics, Michael Jablonka’s gorgeous ‘Mantra’ depicts a relationship’s dying embers, capturing the thoughts of a desperate yet resigned lover as he wishes a final night together could last forever. “It’s a moment we’ve all been through,” says Jablonka, “and the chorus is the Mantra.” And what a chorus it is, forged on a fervently delivered vocal hook that worms its way into the...Read More »

Angel The Star: Home (I Gotta Get There)

Angel, is a “Show Stopper” Performing Artist! What a beautiful soul, and joyful sound her Music brings! She is dedicated to the “Art” of her Music. Angel was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida. She comes from a very musical family where everyone is talented, so there was no surprise when she showed her interest in music. Angel’s dream of taking the stage became not only just a dream, but...Read More »

Jia Huizhen - You Don't Talk To Me & Singing At Buchla Easel

Jia Huizhen – You Don’t Talk To Me & Singing At Buchla Easel Ethereal electro pop artist Jia Huizhen – first introduced on beehype last year – returns with her latest EP, entitled “11”. The singer-songwriter, accompanied by producer Yao Sichen, has been working on these tracks for over two years, allowing producers and masterers to enhance and enrich the artist’s already layered sound. Simply put, the album is one glorious hit after...Read More »

Hazel English - Control

Hazel English – Control Ah, we have so much time for Hazel English. The mistress of shoegazey dream-pop has her jangles out in full force on Control, another taste of her upcoming EP. As always, the melody teems through the fuzzy guitar, with Ms English’s knack for solid songwriting ever apparent. Check it out below. ...Read More »

mono mono - CityLights

mono mono – CityLights mono mono is an electro-pop duo from Denmark. It consists of Karoline Elsig and Jakob Franck. The ambition behind the band is to “create an interesting soundscape, which builds around electronic sounds mixed with beautiful vocals and soothing saxophone notes.” Their music can be described as electronic-pop influenced by trip-hop, ambient and synth-pop, built by their own samples recorded in nature, retro synthesizers and glitchy beats. ...Read More »

Fifi Rong - Future Never Comes

London-based artist and producer Fifi Rong returns with the follow-up single to her acclaimed ‘Forbidden Desire’ EP. Seeing support from the Fader and Notion Magazine, as well as BBC Radio 1 airplay, Fifi Rong has entered the mainstream consciousness. Her renowned collaboration work includes her addition to Skepta’s ‘Konnichiwa’ album, with Complex citing her contribution to “one of the strongest album openers in British music history.” Continuing her own brand...Read More »

Honeyblood - Babes Never Die

Honeyblood – Babes Never Die Through a thrilling buzz of New Wave and Post Rock influence it shines in the present – youthful, melodic and supercharged by joy. “Babes Never Die” is the latest charming single that Glasgow’s Honeyblood have shared from Babes Never Die, their next album. Out from November 11th, you can pre-order translucent-green vinyl, CD and digital versions of it now. ...Read More »

Nola Wren x Kill Dave - Knife

Nola Wren x Kill Dave – Knife Brooklyn-based songwriter/producers Nola Wren (Kara Francavillo) and Kill Dave (David Dahlquist) recently teamed up to create “Knife”, a bold electro pop banger peppered with crystalline vocals, grinding synths, and a sweltering guitar solo. This is Dahlquist’s first release under the moniker Kill Dave, as well as his first collaboration with Nola Wren. ...Read More »

The Night Café: Mixed Signals

The Night Café’s first steps came bathed in sunshine. All poppier than a fizzed-up Fanta melodies, this summer’s ‘Together’ single was a fresh-faced introduction to an equally bright and breezy group. On new track ‘Mixed Signals’, though, they’re succumbing to a darker side. “It’s so much harder now you’re not mine,” admits the skulking hook. It’s still buried amongst chirruping guitar lines, but this time around there’s a vicious side...Read More »

Quiet Quiet Band: In The Body

Singing songs of love, death and Tony Robinson, Quiet Quiet Band are the rotting fruits in nu-folk’s verdant pastures. Extrovert practitioners of hillbilly hoedowns, sociopathic shanties and warped waltzes, QQB’s sometimes macabre, sometimes poignant ditties are further animated by a vociferous lyrical delivery, as they channel themes of love, desire, violence and death into wild, witty and wonderfully melodic tunes. “Our songs often evoke fictional characters who are reflecting on...Read More »

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