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Jane's Party - Cigarette Buzz

Jane’s Party – Cigarette Buzz A bit over a month ago, “Coming On Strong” impressed with its confident sound, showing a variety of hook-y comparisons to my mind at least (“…the synth-tinged color of Cut Copy, the crisp punch of Hot Chip, and the infectious Brit-pop tribute tendency of acts like Dent May.”) With a suave electronic and funk component being prominent on the very rhythm-heavy “Coming On Strong”, it’s also...Read More »

Julia Marie - Just A Moment

Julia Marie – Just A Moment A soothing song about living in a world of dreams and spending just a moment in time with a special someone. Los Angeles native Julia Marie is a powerful vocalist and eclectic multi-instrumentalist. She has recently been writing and recording her debut album, which features material by veteran producer Peter Rafelson (Madonna, Elton John, Britney Spears). Her EP is due for release this summer on RM...Read More »

Sophia Kameron - Connected

Sophia Kameron, the 15-year-old songwriter and artist will debut her single “Connected” at a rally in DC in front of thousands of people. The new song showcases her commitment to raising awareness of equality for all, regardless of race or religion. “It’s never been more important for people my age to voice their concerns about the world around them. My song “Connected” was inspired by the idea that we are all...Read More »

Øllebirde - Trouble

Øllebirde is a french indie pop band formed in 2015. Fabrice Ordioni and Jeremy White started the band as a duo. A few months later, Margot Kurtis joined them. The french trio met at a jam session in Camden Town, London. According to the trio, the track “is about someone we lost.” They are currently working on their first album with the collaboration of Tim Bran (London Grammar, Birdy, Rhodes), helping out...Read More »


ELEKTRISK GØNNER – BULLETPROOF (featuring Skyler Cocco) After a bunch of other projects, frenchman Benjamin Løzninger created the project Elektrisk Gønner. They released a first energetic album in 2011 mixing indie rock and electroclash, featuring the yet unknown danish singer MØ and toured the world with hectic shows. ...Read More »

Lydia Jane - Washed Up

Lydia Jane’s ‘Washed Up’ opens with a rhythmic chordal piano, it sets the foundation, an ever present throughout the track. It gets the support of the occasional flicker of strings but the strength of this one lies in Jane’s ability to craft a story. You want to know what she’s going to say next, you want to know where the story goes. *SPOILER ALERT* – threesome. Really polished writing here,...Read More »

ANUKA - Feel

Anuka provides the sultry vocals (think Ayelle meets BANKS) on here new single ‘Feel’. Every inflection is purposeful, splashing the track with emotional depth. The beat is sparse, a few well-picked minimal synths and some satisfyingly brash drum work; however, the melodies lift the track and the chorus is particularly sticky – you’ll be singing this one for the next week without realising it. Dutch artist Anuka has spent the past...Read More »

Aria Hennessy - High With Me

Aria Hennessy. A name to remember, she’ll be all over your playlists in 2016. High With Me is an enjoyable pop romp that will leave you wanting more. Put this on repeat, hit the pool and enjoy the summer. Aria Hennessy is a 23 year old pop artist hailing from the West Coast of Canada. Her debut single “High with Me”, produced by Michael and Louis Biancaniello (Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston,...Read More »

RITUAL - Cinnamon

Did a grub about and found unblogged microcosm passed over by RITUAL. The one of act’s latest singles, Cinnamon, available also as visuals, is an aeriform piece of sonic arts that provides ballast and humbly found succor there. Duo’s métier is sensational journeys transporting the listener to excessively sentimental state, in which the world is known by every single detail. ...Read More »

The Wholls: X21

The Wholls (Wolz) are a Bedford-based 4 piece who play alternative rock music for venues packed with manic fans, with a sound that sits equally as comfortably on mainstream radio along with the likes of Jamie T, Royal Blood and Foals. Their energetic & edgy live performances have steadily been building them a legion of loyal fans and frontman Tordy is garnering a reputation as an electrifying presence on stage....Read More »

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