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Matt Cerf and Ost & Meyer feat. Fenja - Like We Love

Matt Cerf and Ost & Meyer feat. Fenja – Like We Love. Matt Cerf teams up with Always Alive regulars Ost & Meyer for an unforgettable vocal production ‘Like We Love’ featuring the talented Fenja who lends her radiant voice to the record. The Original Mix displays the many creative talents of Matt Cerf, Ost & Meyer and Fenja, whose combined efforts are a track of faultless trance. Emphasising Fenja’s...Read More »

Audrey Rose - That Love ft. Troy Ave

Audrey Rose – That Love ft. Troy Ave. Audrey Rose is a singer/songwriter out of New Jersey who has recently gained notoriety with her remix of YG’s “Who Do You Love”. With naturally powerful vocals and a dynamic range she is able to crossover into all genres of music. This is her first single “That Love” Featuring Troy Ave. She is currently in the studio working on an EP which...Read More »

Ewian - Escape

Ewian – Escape. Ewian was formed in March, 2013 by German composer Ewian Christensen, who is responsible for lead vocals, piano, sound composition and majority of songwriting. Their latest album, “Good Old Underground”, is the result of an international cooperation between Ewian (Bonn, Germany), electronic singer/songwriter Fifi Rong (London), instrumental Post-Rock artist James Hrabak (Chicago) and Dark-Pop artist Clemens Engert (Vienna). Their energetic ‘wall of sound’ includes distorted piano, noisy...Read More »

Sharon Leal - Giant

Sharon Leal – Giant. Sharon Leal portrays Zoe Reynard in the provocative new thriller ADDICTED – based off the best selling novel by Zane. As the world awaits the highly anticipated release on Friday the acclaimed actress and singer presents her visually impressive new video “Giant” – featuring tantalizing scenes from the film. The song is featured on her new solo EP simply titled LEAL. With her intriguing multicultural beauty...Read More »

The Lawsuits - Sweet Marcelle

The Lawsuits – Sweet Marcelle. Recognized as the City of Brotherly Love’s ‘crown jewel,’ The Lawsuits have secured their place in Philadelphia’s vibrant music scene. With a fearless approach to music, the group doesn’t follow traditional rules of genre, pulling inspiration from blues to reggae, Americana to gospel, to make a sound that is effortless and beautiful. The band released their debut full-length album, Cool Cool Cool, in October 2013...Read More »

Ben Gold feat. Christina Novelli - All Or Nothing

Ben Gold feat. Christina Novelli – All Or Nothing. Ben Gold is launching his brand new Goldrush Recordings with a bang! On a stunning melodic track, featuring the vocals of Christina Novelli, Ben shows his unique production talent. “All Or Nothing” will surely be stuck in many minds for a while! And the best thing is.. The #Goldrush is just getting started! ‘All Or Nothing’ is part of Ben Gold’s...Read More »

Fabio XB feat. Adina Butar - Stay

Fabio XB feat. Adina Butar – Stay. A music geek from an early age on, it seems that Italian producer Fabio Carrara was destined to end up in the music industry. Keen on technology, it would only take a few years till he completed his own studio and become familiar with computers, mixers, samplers and keyboards. In 1995, he started DJ’ing under his Fabio XB alias. Within a matter of...Read More »

Grace Mitchell - Runaway

Grace Mitchell – Runaway. WOW! – that was the first impression we got after first coming across 16-year-old Portland-based singer/songwriter Grace Mitchell, who we are quite convinced will soon become one of your new favorite artist of 2014 (as she has just become one of ours), especially after you listen to her two, rather intriguing new songs, “Runaway” and “Broken Over You”. Probably best known for her cover of Hall...Read More »

AlunaGeorge - Supernatural

AlunaGeorge – Supernatural. AlunaGeorge are an English electronic music duo from London, consisting of Aluna Francis (vocals and songwriting) and George Reid (production and instrumentation). As AlunaGeorge, producer George Reid and vocalist Aluna Francis amalgamate electronic pop, 2-step garage, and left-field R&B. They met in 2009, when Reid remixed a track by Francis’ group My Toys Like Me, and debuted in 2011 on Sweet Recordings with the “Analyser”/”We Are Chosen”...Read More »

Rhonda - My Thing

Rhonda – My Thing. How brilliant were the good old days…The Star Club and Indra in Hamburg, The Cavern in Liverpool; cool beat music everywhere. Some listened to the american soul pioneers Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield, others grooved to the first big english beat bands. They met up in clubs in cellars and lived for the moment. Everyone wore lanky cotton trousers, cheeky haircuts and pointy leather boots. The...Read More »

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