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Lisa Banton - Let You Go

A soulful voice with raw emotion is just one of the many ways to describe the amazing sound of Lisa Banton. Born in Toronto Canada, this singer/songwriter is setting the stage to make waves in the RNB world. Growing up under the musical influence of her father, renowned gospel singer George Banton, it was only natural that she gravitated to the soul and feeling of R&B music. She began writing...Read More »

Kali Uchis - Call Me

Kali Uchis is a 20 year old singer/singerwriter who was born in Colombia but currently lives in Virginia. She released her new EP, Por Vida, and as a teaser, she recently also released some stunning visuals for the songs Lottery and Call Me. The songs are produced by Tyler, the Creator, who she worked with before (on Aunt Wang Syrup Theme Song). The visual for the songs is inspired...Read More »

Sebastian Mikael - Mine

While many artists spend a lifetime chasing “international status,” 25-year-old classically trained singer-songwriter-musician Sebastian Mikael is already starting his career where others can only hope to finish. Born in Sweden to a Swedish father and Ethiopian mother, Sebastian Mikael—formerly known as De-Lor (which is French for “of gold”)—was raised in a diverse household that was enriched by music. While no one in his family ever made music professionally, Sebastian Mikael...Read More »

Devon Baldwin - Confession

Devon Baldwin – Confession. The last time we heard from Bay Area newcomer Devon Baldwin was back in December when she dropped her record “Blame.” She returned with a new one called “Confessions” with the help of JMSN on the production ones and twos. Just like “Blame,” Devon manages to convey an ethereal sound with her sparkle-tinged voice which merges with JMSN’s mix of reggae and heavenly ambiance, interesting sound...Read More »

Hundred Waters - Innocent

Hundred Waters – Innocent. Hundred Waters is an American band formed in Gainesville, Florida in October 2011. Both of their albums received much critical praise and reviewers often noted the group’s blend of electronic and organic sounds. The band is composed of Nicole Miglis (vocals, piano, flute), Trayer Tryon (production, electronics, bass), Paul Giese (electronics, guitar), and Zach Tetreault (drums, percussion, trumpet). The group came to prominence in 2012 with...Read More »

Anna Lunoe feat. Jesse Boykins III - Heartbreak In Motion

Anna Lunoe feat. Jesse Boykins III – Heartbreak In Motion. Having spent years as an in-demand producer/artist collaborator and skilled club and festival DJ, Anna’s body-moving bonafides are without question. Lunoe’s life-long curiousity about music started to take shape at the age of five, when she began making mixtapes for her friends by putting her tape-deck up against the radio to record her favorite songs. While she grew up in...Read More »

Swim Deep - To My Brother

Swim Deep – To My Brother. Swim Deep were initially billed as an indie hype, but there was always a lot more to the band than that. Intrigued by electronics, the band recently went back in the studio eager to experiment. New single ‘To My Brother’ has just gone online, and it fuses a gospel tinged vocal with producer which explicitly recalls the Acid House era. At last, an almost...Read More »

Max Jury - All I Want

Max Jury – All I Want. Max Jury, the undeniably talented singer songwriter from Iowa, has just released a second EP since his debut in 2012. All I Want: The Sonic Factory Sessions is a gentle collection of tracks, which demonstrates Jury’s delicate voice and evident capability on both guitar and piano. While his music may be lacking in some originality, his talent has captured the hearts of many, including...Read More »

Snoh Aalegra - Emotional

Snoh Aalegra – Emotional. Snoh Aalegra was only 9 years old when she started singing and writing songs all by her self, behind the closed doors of her bedroom. She loved to perform her music and would take any opportunity to show of her talent, whether it was for her classmates at school or family gatherings at home. She even won a local talent show in her Swedish hometown, performing...Read More »

Whitney McClain - Bombs Away

Whitney McClain – Bombs Away. Whitney McClain is destined for greatness…not stardom, because that is fleeting, but greatness because that defines one’s legacy. She’s now taking her destiny in her own hands with the help of some very special people in her life with the release of her first single, “Bombs Away.” Born and raised in the Willamette Valley area of Oregon, she grew up in a family that loved...Read More »

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