Get Carter 1971

Get Carter 1971
Director: Mike Hodges
Cast: Michael Caine, Ian Hendry, John Osborne, Britt Ekland, Tony Beckley, George Sewell, Geraldine Moffat, Dorothy White, Rosemarie Dunham, Petra Markham, Alun Armstrong, Bryan Mosley, Glynn Edwards, Bernard Hepton, Terence Rigby, John Bindon, Godfrey Quigley, Kevin Brennan, Maxwell Deas
Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release dates: 10 March 1971

Plot: When his brother dies under mysterious circumstances in a car accident, London gangster Jack Carter travels to Newcastle to investigate.

Newcastle-born gangster Jack Carter has lived in London for years in the employ of organised crime bosses Gerald and Sid Fletcher. Jack is sleeping with Gerald’s girlfriend Anna and plans to escape to South America with her. But first he must return to Newcastle and Gateshead to attend the funeral of his brother Frank, who died in a purported drunk-driving accident. Unsatisfied with the official explanation, Jack investigates for himself. At the funeral, Jack meets with his teenage niece Doreen and Frank’s evasive mistress Margaret. It is later implied that Doreen might actually be Jack’s daughter.

Jack goes to Newcastle Racecourse seeking old acquaintance Albert Swift for information about his brother’s death. Swift evades him, but he encounters another old associate, Eric Paice, who is now employed as a chauffeur and refuses to tell Jack who his employer is. Tailing Eric to the country house of crime boss Cyril Kinnear, Jack bursts in on Kinnear playing poker, and meets a glamorous drunken woman, Glenda. Having learned little, Jack leaves. Eric warns him against damaging relations between Kinnear and the Fletchers. Back in town, Jack is threatened by henchmen who want him to leave town, but he fights them off, capturing and interrogating one to find out who wants him gone. He is given the name “Brumby”.

Jack knows Cliff Brumby as a businessman with controlling interests in local seaside amusement arcades. Visiting Brumby’s house, Jack discovers the man knows nothing about him; believing he has been set up, he leaves. Next morning, two of Jack’s London colleagues arrive, sent by the Fletchers to take him back, but he escapes. Jack meets Margaret to talk about Frank, but Fletcher’s men are waiting and pursue him. He is rescued by Glenda who takes him in her sports car to meet Brumby at his new restaurant development at the top of a multi-storey car park. Brumby identifies Kinnear as Frank’s killer, explaining that Kinnear is trying to take over his business. He offers Jack ┬ú5,000 to kill the crime boss, which he refuses.

Jack has sex with Glenda at her flat, where he finds and watches a pornographic film. The participants are Doreen, Glenda, Margaret, and Albert. Doreen is forced to have sex with Albert. Overcome with emotion, Jack becomes enraged and half drowns Glenda as she is taking a bath. She tells him the film was Kinnear’s and she thinks Doreen was ‘pulled’ by Eric. Forcing Glenda into the boot of her car, Jack drives off to find Albert.

Jack tracks Albert down in a betting shop. Albert confesses that he told Brumby that Doreen was Frank’s daughter. Brumby showed Frank the film to incite him to call the police on Kinnear. Eric and two of his men arranged Frank’s death. Information extracted, Jack fatally knifes Albert. Jack is attacked by the London gangsters and Eric, who has informed Fletcher of Jack and Anna’s affair. Jack shoots one of them dead; Eric and the others escape, then push the sports car into the river, with Glenda trapped inside. Returning to the car park, Jack finds Brumby, beats him senseless, and throws him over the side to his death. He then posts the pornographic film to the Vice Squad at Scotland Yard in London.

Jack abducts Margaret at gunpoint. He telephones Kinnear in the middle of a wild party, telling him he has the film and making a deal to give him Eric in exchange for his silence. Kinnear agrees, sending Eric to an agreed location; however, he simultaneously phones a hitman to dispose of Jack. Jack drives Margaret to the grounds of Kinnear’s estate, kills her with a fatal injection and leaves her body there. He then calls the police to raid Kinnear’s party.

Jack chases Eric along a beach. He forces Eric to drink a full bottle of whisky as he did to Frank, then beats him to death with his shotgun. As Jack is walking along the shoreline, he is shot through the head by the hitman with a sniper rifle.Wikipedia®

Get Carter – Trailer – 1971


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