Wildlife Park 3 Trainer

Wildlife Park 3“, the new zoo simulation for PC, is opening its gates to visitors; as the manager of a wildlife park, you can build your own zoo and let your imagination run wild! Lions, tigers, elephants and a host of other animals await your visitors, and thrilling missions will take the virtual wildlife park manager on adventures all over the world. Wildlife Park 3 is a mix of realistic animal simulation, business management and building strategy. The title is the latest game in the popular series which has received countless prizes and awards since its first release. Very realistically animated representations of animal and plant life await you! The Campaign mode in Wildlife Park 3 leads you on missions around the world, each with an exciting scenario where animals have to be returned to the wild and endangered species rescued. In Freeplay mode you design your own wildlife park using 30 different animated plant species, a selection of visitor facilities and a range of options for building the different enclosures. Players can choose from over 20 maps of parks worldwide and must also attend to the needs of the various realistically animated wild animals; penguins and polar bears like a cool climate, whereas rhinos, giant pandas and gorillas prefer very different conditions. If the animals in your care feel well and happy, the visitors to the zoo may soon be captivated by their cute offspring. Random quests in Freeplay mode also provide game variety and hours of gaming fun. Design your own wildlife park using a wide selection of decorative items!


Wildlife Park 3 Trainer (+6) Options:
This trainer has been made for the business simulation game Wildlife Park 3, it comes with four essential in-game cheats: massive money, 100% animal satisfaction, 100% visitor satisfaction, 100% plant satisfaction. Note: This cheat tool is for the 1.11 version of the game Wildlife Park 3.

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