Rescue 2013 Cheats

Rescue 2013: Everyday Heroes” is a game about running a fire department. By genre it is combination of management strategy and tactical action. The player assumes the role of the fire chief, building up and maintaining his rescue force and responding to various types of emergencies. These include fires, traffic accidents, medical emergencies and air crashes. The main focus of the game is centered around recruiting and training the rescue crew, decorating and upgrading the fire station and purchasing and maintaining the vehicle fleet.

Rescue 2013 - Everyday Heroes
In this realistic mixture of simulation, RPG and management game you take part in exciting rescue missions as the head of fire department, assemble your force and gradually develop your fire station. Do you have nerves of steel and a calm head in times of danger? Then you can join one of the most respected careers in the world in Rescue 2013: Every Day Heroes. You’ll be rescuing people trapped in car crashes, dousing the flames of burning buildings and even providing emergency medical care to the injured. With a mixture of management and action roles, you’ll need to equip your team with the best tools and equipment for the job, be that sufficient water to put the fires out or the right type of equipment to use. You’ll also need to navigate your team through burning buildings safely while removing any injured civilians from danger.

While back at the fire station, you’ll need to make sure that the staff are trained to the best of their abilities by using the broad range of options that will increase the abilities of your rescue staff. Sending your team members to the gym or maintenance department will result in them acquiring new skills to use while on duty.

Rescue 2013 Cheats
Press [SHIFT] + C to open a window. Here you enter the following cheats. You close the window with [ESC].

In management mode:
Givemoney 10.000 Euro
Lessmoney 10.000 Euro

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