Mi’das: If I Were You

Mi’das a.k.a Mike Davies creates soulful music infused with his trademark vocal and guitar playing. He started 2015 as an iTunes ‘Ahead of the Curve’ featured artist both in the UK and US and has in the months since played 60 gigs to over 20,000 people. From busking the streets to performances with artists such as Jessie J, Rita Ora, Labrinth and Jamie Cullum, you could say the last 10 years has been quite a journey for this Brighton born soulful strummer. Mi’das has just finished releasing a series of three EPs to tell the story so far.

Mi'das: If I Were You

Although a year in the making in its current form it also represents the last over 10 years of my life in some ways in terms of some of the songs that have made it on to here. I called it “All Inside Your Head” as i’ve come to notice that most things in this life good or bad come down to something you can change yourself in your own mind without blaming anyone or looking for other reasons. Ive contributed in large ways to two previous full length albums namely the first release from Bassment Project and Jo Harmans debut album “Dirt On My Tongue” but this is my first complete solo work and i hope you can hear my “voice” come through on it. To touch on where I’m coming from musically on this album, first and foremost i wanted it to be about the songs and the voice. Its at times simplestic and uncomplicated arrangement wise but this was a purposeful choice, i hope that comes across.

Mi’das: If I Were You

Rightly or wrongly I make comparisons on the music making process with sculpture or carpentry. The reason i do this is that i view it as a long process of “chipping” away at the song/ arrangements/ performances piece by piece, constantly refining them over time to reveal what lies within. Also much like this i feel like to learn your craft it takes looking back at what has come before by listening and imitating the very best you eventually land on your own sound. Past inspiration may sometimes make influences very apparent but my belief is that each artist puts together there own unique cocktail and no two are exactly alike. So in some ways this album may be the most “retro” sounding album i’ll ever make as a homage to those artists I’ve learnt from. That being said I do also always want to be looking forward and am very excited for the future of music and the industry. Hope you guys can join me in coming to see one of shows ill be doing this year or just let me know what you think of the album!

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