Late Hala – Good Thing

Late Hala

Late Hala is comprised of cousins Dan and Alexi, based out of London. They started playing guitar together early on, exploring blues and rock at a young age. However, life caused their musical pursuits to take a break momentarily, until they found themselves both living in East London in 2015. Utilizing “fuzzy guitars, pianos, delay pedals, xylophones, samples, organs and accidentally recorded police sirens,” they recorded their debut EP Dark Clouds, with the excellent “Good Thing” being the release’s latest single.

Starting with a warm rhythm section accompanying the rich vocals, guitar trickles eventually emerge to complete the gorgeous sound. “Caught up in this good thing,” the vocals repeat during the chorus, with elongated guitar twangs and gently pulsating synths finalizing its hook-y appeal. This is a highly enjoyable effort that’s making me greatly anticipate the rest of Dark Clouds, out sometime this fall.