Ida Long: Woman

Ida Long’s new album Rainbows & Tears has recieved 5-star reviews and already been named ”best album this spring” in Sweden. Rainbows & Tears is the Swedish artist Ida Long’s long-awaited second album, the follow-up to her chart-climbing debut album Walk Into The Fire (#11 in the official Swedish sales chart). In Music Week and the UK music magazine Uncut Ida Long has been compared to both Kate Bush and Madonna, as well as ABBA (!). In the last few years Ida Long has made several European solo tours and performed in Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, Munich and Amsterdam a.o. She has also performed at clubs in New York, where she has worked with choreographers from Cirque de Soleil, as well as Top Model. So far Ida Long’s biggest international claim to fame is her award-winning recording of Mad World, featured in the Scandinavian trailers for the American tv-series Mad Men and awarded with the gold prize in both Berlin (as Best Music In A European Trailer) and New York (The Golden World Award).

Ida Long: Woman

Ida Long has been voted Sweden’s best pop/electro artist by the pan-European festival Europavox, she has worked with the EDM artist Mad Fresh in South Korea and with several artists and producers in Japan. In Sweden, her performance at the Swedish Goverment’s Music Export award show 2013 moved Marie Fredriksson (Roxette) to tears and made Axwell (Swedish House Mafia, Axwell Ingrosso etc) scream of joy. Ida Long’s latest album Rainbows & Tears has been praised by critics and music bloggers all around the world and her latest music video Baby Gone was recently highlighted by the New York-based art community My Modern Met. Her latest single and music video Mannen på taket is her first in her native Swedish, but has already been internationally hailed! At Ida Long’s release party in Stockholm the American songwriter Teron Beal (who has worked with Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Robyn a.o.) came by and was deeply impressed by the Swedish artist. And the interest in Ida Long just keeps growing…

Ida Long: Woman

”Ida Long’s concurrent work as musician and an artist are both striking on their own, and elevate to another level when combined. To date she has released four singles from her latest album, ‘Rainbows & Tears’: ‘(I Get So) Dramatic’, ‘We Got’, ‘Baby Gone’ and most recently ‘Mannen På Taket’, her first single in her native Swedish. The video for each track has its own distinct visual style to accompany the music, not least ‘Mannen På Taket’, which sets stark dancemoves and monochrome outfits against the rippling music, underpinned by cello drones and piano. The song’s delicate frame is hammered by hefty percussion on its chorus, along with a bassline that bubbles up through the gaps.” CMU / Complete Music Update, June 7, 2016 (UK)

Ida Long: Woman Lyrics:
He bathe in you all summer
It weighs heavy on my heart
Put your luscious lips around him
Snow cover all my thoughts

Perhaps to pause the breathing
It´d sure kill the bleeding
Constant noise from dreaming
And take away the feeling

That I´m out to swim
Where I told you never to go in
Even a frozen lake melts within
To make sure to keep you in

Snake love affair
Sinks her teeth into my stratosphere
And when I hold it´s head I left you there
The venom fills the air

Put some lipgloss on that heart
I´m sure that´s what he wants
While laying in his pool
With all the things he said he´d do

I´m out to swim where I told you never to go in
Even a frozen lake melts within
You better sink or learn to swim

Sink or learn to swim

Woman I made you up and I wonder
Woman I made you up and I wonder

Fill my heart with poison
Fill my heart with poison
Baby fill my heart with poison
Baby fills my heart with poison

Put your luscious lips around me

Siren pulled you in
Kisses never stings
With some cold touch to numb the heart
To forget is all we want

Siren keep me in
You better sink or learn so swim
You better sink or learn to swim