Yasumo – I’m Missing You

Let’s face it; there is no denying that two minds are better than one. Especially when those two minds individually hold an instinctive-artistic-force and natural musicality. Case in point: Yasumo. Yanni Nair and Simon Salerno – a Melbourne DJ/Production collision course with undeniable far-reaching appeal. Their secret? Integrating elements of their preferred music style and stamping it with the Yasumo signature flair. Self-proclaimed as falling under the disco/funk/French-house barrier, the lads are causing dance-floor antics by simply, “Putting our own spin on the music we love.” With releases on Fall Street Records, Onelove and Sweat It Out!, remixes for Detroit-vinyl-extraordinaire Arthur Baker, and accolades via Nick Catchdubs (Fools Gold) – their stylistically diverse selection of sounds each bring a realm of sonic brilliance to the fore. In short, listen up!

Yasumo – I’m Missing You

This is Yasumo’s first single release via Fall Street Records, “I’m Missing You”. It’s catchy, melodic and involves lusting over a banana. It’s fresh, bright and warms the musical soul. The duo behind it, Yanni Nair and Simon Salerno, bring their intuitive balance of disco-flair meets sonic-club-brilliance. It’s what you and your summer-loving pale skin wants.

Yasumo – I’m Missing You Lyrics:
Yasumo - I'm Missing You

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