Xylaroo – On My Way

Xylaroo – On My Way

New single “On My Way” is another slice of sunshine that deals with their usual subject matter of love, humanity, philosophy and conspiracy theories. With harmonies so tight – Coco says “it’s a sister thing” – they’d give First Aid Kit a run for their money, check out our premiere of the track below…

Xylaroo - On My Way

Xylaroo are the sister act duo comprised of Anthropology graduate Holly and her Psychology student sibling Coco Chant. The recent Sunday Best signings are currently based outta East London – via Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Maidstone, Sri Lanka and Switzerland – and are set to soundtrack you summer with their forthcoming debut album Sweetooth (out 3rd June).

The pair make a kind of country folk so sweet you almost forget the fact that they’re singing lyrics like, “I’m on my way to hell” and “The drugs are shooting up in my brain/poison pumping through my veins.” They’ve already achieved certified buzzband status with their Arctic Monkey’s “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor” cover and their previous Dolly Parton quoting single “Sunshine“.

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