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Game trainers are programs made to modify behaviour of a computer game, usually using addresses and values, in order to allow cheating. It can “freeze” a memory address disallowing the game from lowering or changing the information stored at that memory address e.g. health meter, ammo counter. It simply manipulates the data at the memory addresses specified to suit the needs of the person cheating at the game. Video game trainers are most common in PC video games, but can also be used in consoles where the console’s hardware or bios has been modified to run non-original code and content. Wikipedia®.

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Latest PC Game Trainers and Editors

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon Trainer

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon is a fantasy genre action role-playing game developed by Gust and published by Tecmo Koei for the PS4, PlayStation Vita and Microsoft Windows. The game is a sequel to Nights of Azure and scheduled to be released in 2017. On April 14th, it was announced the game will also be receiving a Nintendo Switch version. Long ago, the great battle against... Read More »

WWE 2K18 Trainer

WWE 2K18 is a professional wrestling video game developed in a collaboration between Yuke’s and Visual Concepts, and published by 2K Sports. The “Digital Deluxe” and “Cena (Nuff)” Edition was released worldwide on October 13, 2017, and the Standard Edition was released on October 17, 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version is scheduled to be released in fall 2017. It is the nineteenth... Read More »

South Park: The Fractured but Whole Trainer

South Park: The Fractured but Whole is a role-playing video game developed and published by Ubisoft, in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios. The sequel to South Park: The Stick of Truth, it is based on the American adult animated television series South Park and written by series creator Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 17, 2017.... Read More »

The Evil Within 2 Trainer

The Evil Within 2 is an third-person survival horror video game developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is the sequel to the 2014 video game The Evil Within. Similar to its predecessor, the game is a survival horror game. Played from a third-person perspective, the player assumes control of detective Sebastian Castellanos, who must descend into the world... Read More »

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Trainer

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is an action role-playing video game developed by Monolith Productions and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is the sequel to 2014’s Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, and was released worldwide on October 10, 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A companion game was released for iOS and Android as a free-to-play top-down video game. Shadow of War continues the previous game’s narrative,... Read More »

Battle Chasers: Nightwar Trainer

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an RPG under development by Airship Syndicate. It is based on the Battle Chasers comic book series written and penciled by Joe Madureira. Since October 10, 2015, the game has been fully funded on Kickstarter, but may still be backed on the Battle Chasers website’s store. The game has been greenlit on Steam Greenlight. 2D animated game cutscenes are produced by Powerhouse Animation Studios. Featuring classic... Read More »

Cuphead Trainer

Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game heavily focused on boss battles. Inspired by cartoons of the 1930s, the visuals and audio are painstakingly created with the same techniques of the era, i.e. traditional hand drawn cel animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings. Play as Cuphead or Mugman (in single player or local co-op) as you traverse strange worlds, acquire new weapons, learn powerful super moves, and... Read More »

Total War: Warhammer II Trainer

Total War: Warhammer II is a turn-based strategy and real-time tactics video game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. It is part of the Total War series and the sequel to 2016’s Total War: Warhammer. The game is set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy fictional universe. The game was released for Microsoft Windows-based PCs on 28 September 2017. Total War: Warhammer II is set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer... Read More »

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Trainer

Ys returns with a brand new adventure for the first time in 8 years! Adol awakens shipwrecked and stranded on a cursed island. There, he and the other shipwrecked passengers he rescues form a village to challenge fearsome beasts and mysterious ruins on the isolated island. Amidst this, Adol begins to dream of a mysterious blue-haired maiden living in an unknown world. Join Adol as he unravels the riddle of... Read More »

Blue Reflection Trainer

Blue Reflection is a role-playing video game developed by Gust Co. Ltd. It was published by Koei Tecmo in March 2017 in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, and is planned for release in September 2017 in North America and Europe for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The player takes the role of Hinako Shirai, a ballet dancer who due to a foot injury no longer can... Read More »

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