Satisfactory Trainer

Satisfactory is a simulation game created by Coffee Stain Studios. It is a 3D first-person open world exploration and factory building game. As an engineer, the player is dropped onto an alien planet with a handful of tools and must harvest the planet’s natural resources to construct increasingly complex factories for automating all resource needs. The general goal is to build the Space Elevator and begin supplying the company the player works for (Ficsit) with increasingly numerous and complex components for their unknown purposes. The factory-building aspect of Satisfactory has been described as a first-person version of Factorio.[1] Unlike some other open world games like Factorio, the Satisfactory world is pre-generated, i.e. not procedurally generated. The world is 30 km2. Wikipedia┬«.

Satisfactory Trainer
Satisfactory Trainer

Features: Conveyor Belts, including splitters and mergers, for transporting resources, components, and yourself. A variety of native fauna, including the community favorite Lizard Doggo.
An upcoming creative mode for creating your dream factory without worrying about cost. Vehicles, including trucks and trains for transporting yourself and large quantities of resources over great distances. Arachnophobia Mode, to turn scary spiders into equally terrifying cat abominations.

Satisfactory Walkthrough

Satisfactory Trainer (+10) Options:
Trainer for the game Satisfactory, you can use it to activate these essential Cheat Codes: Infinite Health, Infinite Items, Max Inventory Size, Ignore Crafting Requirements, Infinite Power, Super Speed (Move Speed), Set Game Speed, Super Jump, No Fall Damage, One Hit Kill. Note: This cheat tool is for the original version v1.0 (Early Access Build 176089) of the game Satisfactory.

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