Sui Zhen – Take It All Back

Sui Zhen is the alias of musician and artist Becky Sui Zhen. Her recent EP ‘Female Basic’ showcases her own version of Japanese post-punk through a dreamy balaeric-bossanova filter, moving from the intricate bedroom-pop explored on her 2012 releases Midriffs and Two Seas to create something more minimal and mysterious. After a decade of dating DJs, Becky discovered her own love for sharing the records that inspire her own music. As DJ SUSAN she plays balearic pop, 80s bossnova, soft-disco and modern-soul – ever searching for voices reminiscent of those she hears in her head. She really likes Dip in the Pool, Antena and Robbie M.

Sui Zhen - Take It All Back

Originally from Sydney, Becky Sui Zhen is now thoroughly embedded in the Melbourne music scene. A participant of the Red Bull Music Academy in 2010 it was there she met collaborator Andras Fox to form the duo Fox + Sui. She performs solo as Sui Zhen and in band format as Sui et Sui (with Ashley Bundang and Alec Marshall). Becky also provides vocals and percussion to Melbourne bands NO ZU and Hot Palms. Her next LP ‘Secretly Susan’ will be released on Two Bright Lakes in 2015.

Sui Zhen – Take It All Back

Take It All Back is the second single from the forthcoming Sui Zhen album Secretly Susan, to be released on Remote Control Records / Dot Dash later in 2015.

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