REWS – Shake Shake

REWS - Shake Shake

Irish/London duo REWS returns with a new single entitled Shake Shake. The alt-rock anthem brings high energy in the style of Nico Vega and Echosmith, with driving beats and powerful vocals that add up to make listeners’ bodies shake with excitement. This straightforward rock track will jumpstart your Sunday with edgy vibes. Just as always, “REWS shares enticing dance rock full of pop-punk flare and a production recipe for a perfect alternative hit. All in all, REWS rules and will make naysayers rue.” We cannot wait to hear more from this dynamic duo.

REWS is the London/Belfast based high energy pop rock duo consisting of songstress Shauna Tohill and beat-maker Collette Williams.
Shauna was inspired to form REWS following a series of tours with previous bands and an inspirational artist retreat in late 2014. She met the fantastic Collette Williams in March 2015 and they have been a match made in heaven ever since.
REWS aim is to inspire people to be who they are, dance, sing, have fun yet address those deep issues that people face in every day life. It might just be your medicine!

REWS – Shake Shake (Official Video)