Pip Blom – Hours

Pip Blom
“Time’s slipping away from me / I’m growing older than I wanna be,” admits Pip Blom on her new track ‘Hours’. At the tender age of 19, it’s perhaps a bit early for such crises, but when it throws up gems like ‘Hours’ it’s hard not to relish her age-based anxieties.

Scratchy and self-recorded, it’s an insight into a psyche that’s constantly searching for something more. Bound by her lo-fi restrictions, the Amsterdam native nevertheless manages to pluck slicker-than-your-average melodies out of her world of haze and fuzz, pitching them front and centre.

July 1st will see ‘Hours’ get a 7” release via Norwich-based label Grunt Grunt A Go Go – ‘til then, dive into our first play of the ace new single below.