Sebastien feat. Satellite Empire: Escape

Music Needs Emotions!This is exactly what you get when you listen to Sebastien. His productions speak volumes. They bear a one-of-a-kind signature. His music – guided by emotions, yet underlined with technical excellence. This is how the „scene“ would describe him: a producer with attention to detail. His productions resemble a perfectly matched 5 star menu of the Melodic Deep House Culture, in which every instrument and every vocal are perfectly blended together.

Sebastien feat. Satellite Empire: Escape

It is this very passionate love for perfection that makes Sebastien stand out. This pleasant northern German’s lad’s remix productions of Moby, twoloud or Röyksopp only a tiny part of his artful producer skills for his very own productions are played and supported by the DJ elite, too. All those who like to relax and dream away should definitely see his performances. They will enjoy a delightful mix of rolling beats paired with emotional melodies taking you to another world. It is not just a DJ set you will listen to – you will actually „take in“ Sebastien! Go for it!

Sebastien feat. Satellite Empire: Escape

Deep House guru Sebastien has been on quite a roll lately, conjuring tune after tune to hit the Bearded Man and Armada Deep imprints with. He now turns to the latter with yet another piece of art, one you might’ve come across earlier through Heatbeat’s high-octane rendition on Armada Captivating. Providing you with the perfect ‘Escape’ from reality with mesmerizing chord progressions and soothing rhythms, he has made sure that this song will be luring you in for solid, hour-long listening sessions for time to come.

“New York artists, Satellite Empire are carving out their own hybrid niche, prepared to satisfy our fondest memories of 90s era rock, as well as our modernized electronic needs. Krewella meets Flyleaf, their simple lyrics and intensified vocals have all the makings of Beatport gold. Without hesitation, we’re greeted with dub inspired drums, layered synthesizers and elegant vocal samples. Accompanied by tasteful filters, and high impact side-chaining, Glow is a radio ready powerhouse, beautifully written & masterfully produced. Consistent with (if not improved over) past originals “Us” and “Titans,” their future looks incredibly bright, dedicating time to a high quality standard.”

Sebastien feat. Satellite Empire: Escape (Official Music Video)

Sebastien feat. Satellite Empire: Escape Lyrics:
In the sunlight, You can feel the start
Of something new

And in the moonlight
You see the sparks fly
Between me and you. Between me and you

Caught up in the fire
Cause you got me high

Oh, I feel so safe right here and now
It’s been so long
And I’ve been here
Before you touched

I’m looking for someone
Someone to take me
Far away. Take my hand
I’ll take your hand
And I’ll escape

Just lead the way
Faster each day
Further from faith
We’ll escape

Just lead the way
Faster each day
Further from faith
We’ll escape

Take my hand. I’ll take your hand
And I’ll escape.

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