Phantom Brave PC Trainer

On a small, lonely island in Ivoire lives Ash, a Phantom who lost his life in battle, and Marona, who has the ability to communicate with Phantoms. Sometimes, Marona receives Bottlemails that float along the sea. Marona, who lost her parents when she was very young, makes her living by completing the requests inside the Bottlemails as a Chroma, a person who accepts freelance work to solve problems for people. However, because of her abilities, the people call her the “Possessed.” Even if she completes her work, some clients will hesitate to pay her the reward because of her reputation. Still, Marona stays optimistic and follows what her parents told her long ago: “Help people, and someday everyone will start to like you.” Her goal is to save enough money to buy Phantom Isle, which she’s currently renting. Like a subtle wave in the sea, the adventures of Marona and Ash are about to begin. Phantom Brave will be the next old JRPG that Disgaea publishers NIS bring over to PC. It started in PlayStation 2 in 2004, jumped to Wii in 2009, then PSP, and will finally call round our way this July. This is beyond my area of expertise but our chums Eurogamer quite liked it on PS2 and they seem sensible sorts – they label leftovers in the fridge, I bet – so sure, cool.

Phantom Brave PC Trainer

Phantom Brave PC Trainer (+13) Options:
Trainer for the game Phantom Brave PC, you can use it to activate these essential Cheat Codes: Infinite Health, Infinite SP, InfiniteMove Range, Phantoms wont be Removed, Infinite Turns, Infinite Spiritual Experience, Super Damage, One Hit Kill, Infinite BOR, Infinite Mana, Infinite Experience, Skills Infinite Esperience. Note: This cheat tool is for the original version v1.2 of the game Phantom Brave PC.

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