Newtimers: She’s A Gun

One of Swedens biggest newspapers once named Newtimers (A. Britton Cavaco & T. Lundblad) as the band everyone has heard about but no one has seen. Being active since 2004 with a debut release scheduled for release 2016, this is somewhat true.

Newtimers: She's A Gun

Recently Newtimers have been noticeable for features on hit singels such as ‘When The Night Is Over’ by The Magician and ‘Together’ alongside CAZZETTE and now it’s time to finally reveal what Newtimers really is about a three track EP. All in all, this Swedish melancholy at its absolute finest.

“‘She’s a Gun’ is special to us because it’s been in the making for quite some time. It’s been riding through life with us through make overs, relationships and walks of shame. Bang bang. Each one teach one. Listen and share the love.”

Newtimers: She’s A Gun

Newtimers: She’s A Gun Lyrics:
Love your body long, say a top of the morning baby
Turn of our phones, take a stroll, have a conversation
Haven’t been real for a mighty long time
You make me feel, gotta make you mine
No other girl got the guts to admit they’re faking
(She’s a gun)
(Hit and run)
A heavy hitter
(She’s gun)
She shot me down
And i fell in love
(She’s a gun)
A 45
(Hit and run)
Fell to the ground
(She’s a gun)
She shot me down
And i fell in love
Wanna tag along, on a worldwide journey baby
Take off our clothes, camera pose at the colosseum
Fucks with my mind just to see if i work
Time to bow down and take this girl to church
Bonnie and I, drawling lines over complications
Each day, the same thing….the lovers lead
Each day, the same thing…she penetrates
Each day, i’ll wait for it… wait for it… wait for it…
She shot me down…

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