Lowell – The Bells

Toronto-based artist Lowell first cut her teeth on a collaborative mini-album project with the Apparatjik collective, featuring Grammy-winning producer Martin Terefe, members of A-ha, Coldplay, and MEW. Apparatjik Presents Lowell: If You Can, Solve This Jumble introduced Lowell’s infectious vocal personality, soundly juxtaposed with adventurous electronic production, like on the Lowell-lead “Shake Him Off”. With her upcoming solo debut on Arts & Crafts, the self-styled singer, songwriter, producer and video artist takes a bold leap forward with celebratory pop songs buoyed by contagious melody and Lowell’s sensual, provocative, artful and invulnerable one-up on artists like M.I.A. and Santigold, as heard on the lead track “Cloud 69”.
I Killed Sara V., Lowell’s debut EP, will be released February 25, 2014 on Arts & Crafts.

Lowell – The Bells

“Backed by a Scandinavian supergroup, this Canadian singer’s soaring sound recalls the creepy glee of Lykke Li” – Paul Lester, The Guardian
“The average punter couldn’t possibly say when this singer will hit the heights of stardom, but it’s bound to happen…If she can maintain this level of intensity, the world will be bowing at her feet.” – Jamie Milton, This Is Fake DIY.

Lowell – The Bells (Official Video)

“Though not yet be a known name in her hometowns of Calgary and Toronto, 21-year-old musician, vocalist, and video artist Lowell is a fast-rising star in much of Europe.” – Denise Benson, The Grid

Lowell – The Bells Lyrics:

Lowell - The Bells
Lowell – The Bells

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