Inlet Sound – Blizzard Baby

Inlet Sound is the musical convergence of passionate folk-rock spirit and atmospheric pop form. The band has spent the greater part of 2012 tirelessly crafting The Romantics, their first full-length record, in lofty cabins and expansive churches with the help of acclaimed Canadian producer Laurence Currie (Sloan, Wintersleep, Holy Fuck, Hey Rosetta!).

Inlet Sound – Blizzard Baby

The band’s Michael Wexler said in a statement, “‘Blizzard Baby’ is a song that developed quite spontaneously and almost paradoxically. The first incarnation of the tune came together in my living room in the midst of a heavy February snow storm. Sean and I were playing through some song ideas and settled on what we considered this very warm and summery feeling groove. I had been wanting to write an homage to the coziness of being curled up inside away from the storm, and the textures of this song seemed a perfect companion to these lyrical ideas. For me, there are two sides to this song: a youthful sense of escape and an undertone of melancholy and loneliness.”

Inlet Sound Is: Michael Wexler – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar. Sean Hardy – Hammond, Synth and Backing Vocals. Steven Gore – Mandolin and Backing Vocals. Kate MacLean – Drums and Backing Vocals. Curtis Murphy – Bass Guitar. Additional performances by: Rob McLaren on Electric Guitar. Laurence Currie on Percussion and Electric Guitar.

Inlet Sound – Blizzard Baby Lyrics:
Inlet Sound - Blizzard Baby

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