Louis Brennan – The Quiet Room

Irish singer-songwriter Louis Brennan doesn’t really do throwaway pop or nice light-hearted tunes. His album ‘The Reductive Power Of A Coastal Town’ is a force to be reckoned with. You could draw parallels with Nick Cave or Richard Hawley for the type of power we mean, except here it’s every single track that ably carries the weight of emotion on its shoulders, and this makes ‘The Reductive Power…’ an album that you experience as much as you listen to. There’s no escaping the raw passion and the remarkably stirring and intense energy that’s been ploughed into this record. Really it’s best to drop everything, stick on some decent headphones, sit back and become absorbed in the songs.

Louis Brennan – The Quiet Room

Louis Brennan – The Quiet Room Lyrics:

Louis Brennan - The Quiet Room

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