LoLa Monroe – Band Up

“More than meets the eye”, “Diamond in the rough” are all understatements when mentioning Lola Monroe. Born Fershgenet Melaku, Fershgenet meaning “Fruit of Heaven”; Melaku meaning “Angel’. Lola Monroe formerly known as “Angel Lola Luv” born in Ethiopia, raised in Washington D.C.’s Garfield Terrace. No stranger to struggle Lola has been grinding to provide for herself since the age of 15. At the age of 12, Lola began writing poems and songs, using music as an escape and a form of expression. In 2007, Lola Monroe retired officially from modeling and took her true place as a Female Hip Hop Artist/ Emcee/Entertainer/Lyricist. The “Monroe” is directly related to the late iconic Marilyn Monroe, which Lola herself inspires to be like. Due to the fact that the two share a similar story, being discovered in fashion and using modeling to further their entry into the Entertainment industry. The name Lola Monroe defines who she is and always has been, her personality and true character. In 2011, LoLa Monroe became the 1st Lady of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang. LoLa Monroe an entertainment mogul is also CEO of Blue Rose Ent.

LoLa Monroe - Band Up

Lola Monroe describes her music as “painting a vivid picture of my experiences, my views, and my feelings towards the struggle. The grind, love, money, hate, anything the streets can feel from my perspective”. Lola Monroe created the “Bosset Movement”. A movement created for the empowerment of women, globally. The women represented by the movement are those working hard towards their goals and striving for success, despite the hardships that they encounter on the way. The movement is to motivate and strengthen females regardless of obstacles and adversity. Lola Monroe is active in humanitarian work and does her part to give back to the community that “built and embraced her”.

LoLa Monroe – Band Up

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