Less Win – Where You Lay Your Hands

Less Win - Where You Lay Your Hands

Copenhagen’s Less Win have shared ‘Where You Lay Your Hands’, a startling and abrasive new track taken from their forthcoming debut UK album, ‘TRUST’, due for release on June 24th 2016 via The Big Oil Recording Company.

‘Where You Lay Your Hands’ is a post-punk experiment. A melting pot of genre bending noise, with warped brass tones, driving bass and swirling, sliding guitar riffs, “it’s about never knowing what to expect and just letting go and trusting your instincts,” bassist/vocalist Patrick Kociszewski explains. “The sea, or nature, can be seen as a symbol of the body. It can be both brutal and graceful at the same time. There’s a duality to it that I really find comforting,” he adds.

‘TRUST’ sees Less Win in the throes of an instinctive and free-form approach to rock music, transcending the connotations and clichés that come attached to ‘post-punk’. Here, pianos sound like sledgehammers, and saxophones like wailing widows. Strings are a haunting undercurrent, while the vocal scope of Casper Morilla and Patrick Kociszewski sounds crystal clear above the trio’s treacherous atmospherics – sang just a breath away from the deranged.