Kyle Denmead: Easy

For every tortured artist, the deepest output can come from the darkest corners of the mind and soul. Orlando, FL singer, songwriter and producer Kyle Denmead knows that pouring heart and focus into his music serves as the ultimate method for getting through anything. His latest project Therapy is the embodiment of this challenging process. The melodic, dark, larger-than-life soundscapes drive the genre-bending record on an emotional journey. It may be difficult to label Kyle’s unique brand of alt-pop r&b, but that’s beside the point: Label it therapeutic.

Kyle Denmead: Easy

From opening track “Easy”, the flowing production and melody sets the mood for the entire project. As the first track written for the project, Kyle took notes from the grand feel and emotion of film scores while drawing from personal experiences:

Kyle Denmead: Easy (Acoustic Version)

“When I go through something, it’s the best time to really work on music.
It flows so freely. I try to put any experience I’ve dealt with into a song because I know someone out there has been through the same thing and they can really connect with the lyrics and the music.”

As one half of The Avengerz Production Team and 212 Recording ownership, all writing, production and mixing duties were handled exclusively in-house creating complete cohesion from project start to finish. The result? A universal sound that moves like a soundtrack, tracks creating movie scenes that listeners instantly connect with and feel.

Kyle Denmead: Easy (Official Video)

Kyle Denmead: Easy Lyrics: