Kehlani – Till the Morning

Kehlani – Till the Morning. The Bay Area native got her start as a dancer — both ballet and modern — and attended Oakland School for the Arts. After an unfortunate knee injury leaving her unable to dance she transferred into vocal training and the rest is history. She began her journey into the music business when she joined Poplyfe in the 8th grade and hasn’t looked back since — even appearing on America’s Got Talent with the band. Influenced by Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, India Arie, Stever Wonder and Musiq Soul Child — she has an old soul while adding her own youthful twist to classic sounds. The best way she can describe her music is “feel good music” with R&B/Soul undertones. At only 19 years old, she has shared stages with Tony! Toni! Toné!, Stevie Wonder, Jamie Foxx, Sheila E, Lenny Williams at many historic venues including Caesars Palace, The Fox Theater, The Paramount and Yoshi’s. She’s currently working on her debut EP with an expected Spring 2014 release.

Kehlani - Till the Morning

Rising West Coast singer Kehlani drops a new track entitled “Till The Morning.” She once again teams up with producer Jahaan Sweet for the soulful song. Listen below and if you haven’t check out her Cloud 19 mixtape, you should do so here.

Kehlani – Till the Morning (prod. by Jahaan Sweet)

Kehlani – Till the Morning Lyrics:
[Verse 1]
Fight them feelings fight them feelings, yeah yeah
Just hide it all beneath me yeah yeah
Ain’t no life without you in, black and white no color in it
You look at me like you see me
Fxxking me so goddamn deep
Then we locking arms until we sleeping
Whoa, whoa, whoaaa

It wasn’t what I thought ba-baby
No it wasn’t what I wanted
Yeah I thought we had forever
But you just want me til the morning, yeah yeah
You just want me til the morning, yeah yeah yeah
You just want me til the morning
You just want me til the morning

[Verse 2]
Get it out, get it all out your soul ba-baby
You forgot to let it go baby
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone, and when I left you all alone
You got the tripping, oh ba-ba-baby
I could feel you calling
Not only when your horny
But when your heart is lonely
Wanted all you of to own me, no no nooo
How come every night I’m your everything
But I don’t deserve you by the morning
And to think I gave you all of me, all of me
No matter how I think we grow you always seem to let me know that I’m crazy
I’m not your baby
Kehlani – Till the Morning