Kehlani & Kyle – Just a Picture

Kehlani & Kyle – Just a Picture. Here the Ventura, CA native drops the brand new single titled “Just A Picture” featuring Kehlani. Everyone is on their phones these days and this single talks just about that. Kehlani is set for a huge 2015 after a collab with G-Eazy last year and now hitting the road with Gerald on his From The Bay To The Universe Tour. The bouncy track (produced by Sunny Norway and Ben Free) advises us to detach from our phones and actually recognize the love in front of us, opposed to on a screen.

Kehlani & Kyle - Just a Picture

Kyle, 21, and Kehlani, 19, are both old souls living in the digital age; an age where some base their lives upon Instagram likes and followers. The two young artists are looking to remind the world that life isn’t about pixels and networks with their new song, “Just a Picture.” The track features the ’80s-influenced pop synth production that KYLE has utilized often while he and Kehlani sing about urning for a relationship that lives off the grid — a refreshing theme, indeed.

This song was inspired by the fear that there will be a ‘selfie class’ in middle school 20 years from now. Our kids grow up thinking that liking someone means double tapping their picture” Kyle explains to FADER who premiered the song.

Kehlani & Kyle – Just a Picture

Two of our favorite up and coming artists hailing from Cali, KYLE and Kehlani, team up to bring us an uptempo track that carries the message of staying off social media when with loved ones.

Kehlani & Kyle – Just a Picture Lyrics:
[Intro: Kyle]
Mhm, oh yeah, gratata
This is a real ass problem and it should be taken seriously, ok?
[Verse 1: Kyle]
So one ay, listen bae
Says you’ve been dating your phone all day
Why don’t you come back down to Earth
You spend too much time in cyberspace
Ok, ok, ok this shit’s lame
Facetimes the only way I get laid
So get off your phone or leave me alone
Yeah, that would be great
[Pre-Chorus: Kehlani]
Baby, do me just one thing
Put that phone down and look at me
I wanna love you but you’d rather tweet
I wanna love you but you’d rather love that screen
Never have I been so green
But how can I be jealous of this scene
I got a man who would never leave
But when he’s here, no, he’s not with me
[Bridge: Kyle]
Baby girl, you’re bigger than your Instagram
You know that I’m your biggest fan
You’re so something to show the pictures can’t
[Chorus x2: Kehlani]
You look for likes when you could have love
You look for fans but you could have us
You know its so much bigger baby
Just a picture baby
Just a picture baby
[Verse 2: Kyle]
So, uhm, I feel like I can see your soul
When I’m with you I feel like I’m 3 years old you know
But the moment you got your phone
It’s like I start knocking and no one’s home
It’s like I start calling and no one’s there
I guess if it ain’t got likes no one cares
Don’t follow me, walk with me (Damn)
Don’t tweet to me, talk to me (God)
Retweets that don’t mean shit, they say they heart you but not like this
Yeah, you got favorites you ain’t they favorite
Oh my bad, did you forget?
All those people on your Facebook, they are not your only friends
I wanna dive into your heart baby, not slide in your dms
[Chorus x2]
Kehlani & Kyle - Just a Picture