Justine Skye – Hard Work

With a natural God given talent, stunning good looks, bubbly personality and a daring sense of adventure, Justine Skye is on the fast track to success. At only 17 years of age, this Brooklyn born singer/songwriter lives a double life as a carefree teenager during the day and superstar in training by night. Justine Skye was born to parents of Jamaican decent on August 24th, 1995. Her mother, Nova Perry, a well-reknowned entertainment attorney, raised Justine in the music industry. Perry realized Justine was serious about being an artist at a music business panel when her daughter raised her hand and asked the room if she could sing. April 20th, 2012 marked the release of Justine’s mixtape “Skye High” which has over 50,000 views on highly acclaimed Mixtape site DatPiff.com and was recognized as Mixtape of the Week. Justine Skye is currently working on her debut album.

Justine Skye – Hard Work (Official Music Video)

Justine Skye – Hard Work Lyrics:
Gonna work you hard
Work you hard
[Verse 1]
Look all them chains
Don’t need none of your money baby
This ain’t one of them things
You can’t win easy from me baby
Keep that ego at home
None of that’s gonna phase me baby
I’m not scared to leave you alone
You ain’t gonna play my heart, just like all the ones before
You’re no good and I know, but I still want you
Play my heart, just like all the ones before
You’ll regret it
Gonna gonna work you hard, work you
Gonna work you hard, work you
If you want me to love you, gonna work you hard
Show me that you’re working (x2)
[Verse 2]
You can keep all them cars, they won’t get you no further baby
Keep on doing you part, one day you gone deserve me baby
Don’t you put on a show, if you keeping it real baby I won’t have to leave you alone
[Verses 3]
You know it won’t mean nothing, if you don’t earn this loving
The right way, straight to my heart
Justine Skye - Hard Work

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