Joy Osaiah – Reality

An uncommon name coupled with an underrated genre of music within the U.K, Joy Osaiah is a singer/ songwriter adding to the urban genre Hip-Hop Soul”. Joy Osaiah – Reality – Let the Notes Explain. Laughter, laughter and more laughter, at the slightest opportunity, her eyes disappear as she lets out a raucous sound of amused delight. Instantly it is apparent that her personality embodies her name, she is indeed, Joy by name and by nature, Born and raised in the city of Oxford Joy is all about using various lyrical expressions and tactics most would associate with today’s hip-hop/neo-soul artists, she creatively deal’s with a wide range of subjects relevantly, poetically and emotionally captivating audiences to simply listen. Here is an artist dedicated and committed to articulating stories with candidness, openness and truth using music’s authenticity to exemplify each point. Joy Osaiah put simply is set to give the truth and nothing but the truth for all willing to listen. She is ready to let her notes explain, and so unwittingly, the world waits and listens in anticipation for all she has too say.

Joy Osaiah – Reality

Reality – is a song about unrequited love, in your dreams you are in the perfect relationship with the person you admire, but in reality nothing could be further from the truth, despite the subject its actually a feel good song, everyone can relate to liking someone and imagining what a romance with them might be like – its a soulful hip hop track, laid back as though the listener is in a dream, the hard hitting bass line will keep listeners engaged with melody lines guaranteed to stay in your head.

Joy Osaiah – Reality Lyrics:
Joy Osaiah - Reality

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