Hayley Cassidy – Still Stay Feat. Tigger Da Author

From the tender ages of her early childhood, Hayley Cassidy was astounded by the phenomenal gift of talent that she was blessed with. Oblivious to the fact that she could sing, Hayley’s gift was realised by her auntie after hearing her sing around the house so effortlessly. Music was instilled into Hayley at a very young age as she was raised around music and musicians. Her mum used to use music as a soother when Hayley was a baby as this seemed to be the tool to keep her content. Formally known as Hayley C, Hayley Cassidy’s solo career was first established within the genres of Neo Soul and R&B taking inspiration from the likes of Musiq, Angie Stone and Jill Scott to name a few. Throughout this journey Hayley penned tracks that held nothing but truth and prosperity and she shared these songs performing at a number of venues, which included the renowned Jazz Café and Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club. Hayley C’s successes were never scarce as she also released her debut EP entitled ‘Real Talk,’ in 2009 equipped with an EP launch party, which was independently, funded. London born and raised, Ms. Cassidy genuinely stays true to her roots, having supported Alexandra Burke at a special concert in Peterhead, Edinburgh.

Hayley Cassidy f/ Tigger The Author – Still Stay (Music Video)

Her lyrics are nothing short of real as she touches on life experiences from relationships to every day happenings accompanied by her message:
“It can happen to all of us…no one is perfect, no one is exempt…we are all humans with human emotions and situations.” – Hayley Cassidy

Hayley Cassidy - Still Stay Feat. Tigger Da Author

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