Gavlyn – Guilty Pleasure

Gavlyn – Guilty Pleasure. BAM, another hit from the lovely heartbreaker Gavlyn. Her style pays homage to the era of late 80’s/early 90’s hiphop, when hiphop was still a rising underground movement. Songs told stories, talked about The Struggle, and rarely glorified gang violence. Rap was a testament of skill and defiance, not the booty-grabbin, wannabe-ganster-frontin, drug-peddlin shitshow it was to become over the next 20+ years into the present day. Those were good days, and those were good songs. That’s why I like this girl. Gavlyn can spit a verse with the attitude to match and maintain a classic flow; she’s like an anachronism, a reflection of times past. Sadly, in those glory days there was very little female representation, a fact that remains to this day. Luckily, she’s arrived now. Let’s hope she goes far. “Guilty Pleasure” is the second single off of her third and upcoming album “Modest Confidence”. Produced by Eskupe of the OGT crew.

Gavlyn – Guilty Pleasure [Official Music Video]

Some fresh multi-medial stress relief to kick start your weeks with. L.A. emcee GAVLYN drops the visuals for the mad jazzy track “Guilty Pleasure” off her upcoming album Modest Confidence. Her voice is hypnotizing.

Gavlyn – Guilty Pleasure Lyrics:
[Verse 1]
A culture shock, to put it in words
You might speak a different language but I see you observe
You have a good soul, and the chemistry is nice
You sugar coat a lot, since we off to be exact
Repress a lot of anger and I’m always holding back
But I’m not losing sleep, the memory I keep
Honestly it’s not worth my time, I swear not a second
I see you get excited and it gets me kind of frightened
You don’t know what you’re doing man, you’re stepping on my toes
Blindly, remind me, what makes you think you can’t wait ?
Everybody lost their mind and their sense of respect
Been nice for too long, now I feel with regrets
Panic attack, fuck I need to breath
Smoke this weed, leave the room away from the energy
I’m not tryna consume, you feel me hen[?] ?
And jealousy never made me feel better, really
I’m filled with gratitude, though I’m in tunnel vision, steady working
Let the meaning happen when I’m not searching
Just know you destined, and lay it on the table
Not everybody’s straight up, but everybody’s able…to be
Feel the need to succeed
Holy innocence, it’s a childhood dream
I know it’s not what it seems
But I love a guilty pleasure, uh, a guilty pleasure
You feel the need to succeed
Feel the need to succeed
Holy innocence, it’s a childhood dream
I know it’s not what it seems
But I love a guilty pleasure, that’s all I could say
[Verse 2]
I’m made of glass, I crack fast
I seek your soft skin, the moment that we’re in
It’s the past, let’s begin, why pretend
No matter how it ends, still want you in my life as a friend
Fuck it though, I’m better off alone
To be the bigger person is depressing, I don’t know
I try to make sense, but why do that ? I’d rather black out
Forget it all, as a matter of fact
…Uh, eyes hurt from the flashback
Do it again, just a recap
I learned a lesson, I have an obsession with the wrong situation
Always thinking I could fix
But so far, no one seems to be convinced
Lost that train of thought when I was walking off that cliff
Or should I say slipped, jumped, or pushed, is it suicide handbook ?
Nah let’s take a second, look
Love to tell you what you shouldn’t hear, dysfunctional and weird
You’re soma comfortable and the point is never clear
The way it’s gonna stay, don’t try to perceive
Cause you’re only gonna hate me once you understand…me
Gavlyn - Guilty Pleasure

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