Gavlyn – All Too Well

Gavlyn is a female rapper who has been rapping seriously since 1996. She says she’s inspired by old school’s funk and spoken word. Even though she loves hip hop she says that hip-hop is not her only choice of music to listen to, she is also into alternative rock, old school drum and bass,j ungle, and is also a huge fan of house music, but cant stand trance music. Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback from her first mix tape release “Habit That You Blame”, Gavlyn would sign with the Broken Complex Records Label to release her first full length album “From the Art” in October 2012, with the video for the single “What I Do” receiving over 4 million views on YouTube so far. We took a listen to Gavlyn for the first time just two days ago and was impressed with what she had to say on the mic. She doesn’t sound like any other female rapper which is a good thing; she has her own style and her flow is on point. We’ll definitely look out for her as her career progresses and will keep you posted on any projects she has coming out in the near future. If you like her sound support her and the music she releases.

Gavlyn – All Too Well [Official Music Video]

As Gavlyn preps for her third solo album “Modest Confidence” set to drop later this year, she delivers visuals for the first single off the project. Not only is she expanding on new and more mature sounds, she is also bringing her listeners along with her as she continues to spark interest within the Hip Hop scene. Keep your eyes on Gavlyn.

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Gavlyn – All Too Well lyrics:
Gavlyn - All Too Well

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