Formation: All The Rest Is Noise

Here comes the sun! Hotly tipped south London duo Formation announce their arrival with a lilting summer jam that’s as refreshing as a can of Fanta limon on a hot afternoon. “All The Rest Is Noise” shimmers with the kaleidoscopic swirl of ESG, Liquid Liquid, LCD Soundsystem and the Rapture, bowling out the speakers with its low slung bassline, cowbell rattle and mellow keys. The razor sharp post punk vocals hint at the DIY roots of these bedroom superstars, as the punk funk fun continues on “A Friend”, a euphoric groove that’ll fill the LCD shaped hole in your life. The other original track “Waves” shows a stylistic shift towards stoned tranquility and mellow summer sounds. Closing the EP out Group De Rock offer a chillin’ electronica version of the lead track that’ll suit an “all back to mine” perfectly. A rare opportunity to get in from the ground on this exciting musical prospect.

Formation: All The Rest Is Noise

Formation: All The Rest Is Noise Lyrics:
Don’t you wanna know what’s up?
Have you ever had fun or not?
‘Cause when everything gets out of control
Baby you just want it to stop
This is must be where you go wrong
‘Cause it’s either here or it’s not
Excitement or you’re on your own
It’s not the same as it once was
Oh, all the rest is noise!

Don’t it make you feel okay?
Or is it passing by, all go away?
Does it just string you along?
Baby, don’t you know it can change
I know it’s hard to tell the difference
When the mornings have been forgot
Sometimes you’re on your own
And sometimes even when you’re not
Oh, all the rest is noise! /x3

Formation - All The Rest Is Noise

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