Fabiana Palladino – For You

Newcomer Fabiana Palladino’s debut single on Double Denim isn’t immediately accessible. It’s opening few bars are, in fact, quite disconcerting. Short strings and a seemingly dissonant melody seem almost fractured. ​However, when the gloriously warm bass kicks in the track harmoniously comes together. Light sprinklings of percussion build towards an understated chorus as Fabiana laments, “I’m here for you / Because I feel for you.” The sentiments of the song are elegantly played out, the object of Fabiana’s affection showered in almost lovelorn lyrics, as she sings “Straight up, how can I be more than a friend? / ’Cos I spend all my time with you and I love the things we shared.” These truthful lyrics, partnered with production courtesy of Sampha, create a modern and emotive song, delicately balancing the sadness so linked with the effusiveness of love. This is elegant pop to cry with, smile at and to be excited about. – ALIM KHERAJ

Fabiana Palladino – For You

Written by Fabiana Palladino. Produced by Sampha and Fabiana Palladino. Mastered by Mandy Parnell.

Fabiana Palladino – For You Lyrics:
Fabiana Palladino - For You

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