Evolve: Stage 2 Trainer

The Evolve: Stage 2 beta releases on Steam. This is more than just an update; we overhauled almost every system and achieved our goal of converting Evolve into a free game. We’ve added and updated numerous features, fixed tons of bugs, improved stability and performance across the board, and completely redesigned many aspects of the game. These notes break down every feature that the Turtle Rock Studios team has been working hard on and is proud to share with you today. Turtle Rock has looked at every aspect of the game in order to improve the Evolve experience. The 4v1 Hunt mode returns as the marquee of Evolve Stage 2, alongside a new, streamlined UI. Every class has been tweaked and redesigned to be “more easily accessible”, with improved survivability if your team isn’t up to snuff. This means new abilities like the Support class’ Shield Burst, which charges the shields of teammates nearby. The Monster is stronger, with more starting skill points and health. The maps have been redesigned based on previous match data to provide more consistent and fair matches between Hunters and Monsters.

Evolve: Stage 2 Trainer

Evolve: Stage 2 Trainer (+10) Options:
Trainer for the game Evolve: Stage 2, you can use it to activate these essential Cheat Codes: Infinite Hunter/Monster Health, Infinite Jetpack Fuel, Infinite Monster Armor, Instant Ability Cooldowns, Instant Evolve/Fill Evolve Meter, Super Stealth/Invisible – Hunter or Monster, Speed Up, Bullet Time/Slowmotion, Teleporter. Note: This cheat tool is for the original version v2.13 (Update October 2016) of the game Evolve: Stage 2.

E volve: Stage 2 Walkthrough

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