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Cheatbook Issue May – 05/2015

CheatBook May 2015 is a collection of cheats, hints, tips, walkthroughs and misc information that you can use to overcome some difficult game moments or to discover everything a certain game has to offer. This release comes with 353 PC game cheats, 14 PC walkthroughs and cheats for 68 console games. The application is put together with information for recently released games and others that have recently been updated. CheatBook May 2015, like the previous ones, comes with an easy to understand and navigate user interface. It has all the information neatly separated into categories that can be easily browsed. The list of cheats or walkthroughs is displayed in a left pane that is easy to navigate, while detailed information can be found in a right side section. If you find it time consuming to manually go through hundreds of titles, the app comes with a search function that allows you to quickly locate the game your are looking for. Information can then be copied to another location, and even emailed to a friend.

Cheatbook Issue May – 05/2015

Cheatbook Issue May - 05/2015

There are many games that are released each year. All these games come with different challenges that you need to work around in order to win. Cheatbook cheats were created to help you have a better winning angle when playing your favorite PC games. This is because this is a book that contains tips to help you play better. These hints are designed to help you move from one level to another one, especially when you are stuck at a level. In addition, you can also use these to help you win in a gaming competition.

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