Cato – Do It Again

Cato is an NJ-born, Brooklyn-based soul music singer/songwriter. He was raised on a mixture of Motown greats, 70s funk, 80s power ballads, and 90s Gospel, Hip-hop, and R&B, making Cato’s sound a unique, honest, and evolving blend of eras. Do It Again” is about the desperation you feel when someone you love just gives up on you. When that happens, you suddenly don’t care about the problems you guys faced or the difficult times you had. Instead, your only concern becomes getting that person back – making them realize you can’t stop loving them and that you’re willing to fight continuously…relentlessly…for another chance to get things right.

Cato – Do It Again

Lyrics: Cato. Vocal Arrangement & Performance: Cato. Production: Jonathan Vergara. Guitar Solo: Alex Sherba. Original Instrumental Composition: Joe Maloof. Final Instrumental Composition: Cato & Jonathan Vergara.

Cato – Do It Again Lyrics:
Cato - Do It Again

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