Cassie Marin – Light

Cassie Marin is a vocalist, multi instrumentalist and producer whose style is difficult to box into any particular genre. Cassie lures a vast audience of listeners with her blend of sultry R&B vocals and glistening production style.

She challenges her listeners to expand their perspectives and to dream limitlessly. After listening to her music, it’s hard not to feel like you’ve known her for years. With heart-throbbing honesty and eloquently written lyrics, she showcases a vulnerability seldom seen in young artists.

Cassie has been composing music since age 8, when she discovered her true passion for it.
She reveals, “There is nothing more humbling than having someone tell you that your music moved, helped, or inspired them in some way. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

“In a world of breakout new artists, emerging stars, and labels continuously pumping out brand managed icons, it can be difficult to stand out. But when you have a unique talent with the drive to back it up, passion overrides any obstacle. Cassie Marin is one of those artists. Cassie not only writes her own songs but has been actively playing instruments since early childhood. Her voice is beautiful and strong.”


Verse 1:
Taste the summer in your salted skin,
I could be the one that never let you in,
Probably lost in a thousand tiny day dreams,
About how things once felt so good to me,
Used to be,
I’m tired of wondering,
If all the good things I do will catch up to me,
Keep up with me please,
Moments I wish I could freeze with you…

But in a world inside my mind,
Everything’s still,
Everyone’s kind.
I was a girl, maybe around 5,
When I figured out, I was a light.
A light,
Baby I’m your light,
Your light,
Baby I’m your light.

Verse 2:
Promise me you’ll remember to breathe,
Every time you want to fall to your knees,
I know there’s more to you than everyone sees,
And that’s the balance that confuses me,
Choosing these,
Minds to please,
Minds to please,
But you’re mine to please,
Mine to please,
You’re mine to please.


I felt beauty underneath what I could see,
I think you lit a little fire in me