Ben Khan – Eden

London singer-songwriter Ben Khan’s “Drive (Part I)” was a slice of muggy bedroom soul that can steam car windows, and his new track, “Eden”, utilizes the same wobble while pushing Khan’s breathy vocals further to the front and drenching them in less reverb. “Palms to the sky on a religious high,” he sings, but the track’s woozy throb evokes the kind of transcendence more commonly induced by chemicals than by scripture.

Ben Khan – Eden

Ben Khan – Eden Lyrics:
Palms to the sky
On a religious high
Greeting or showing me
Or say goodbye
Or say goodbye

Till the end of time
Sitting on the wrecker’s lines
Say goodnight
Carry me by my side

Cut off your wings
Create the scene
Let’s get in between
Is she here?

She’s like a dream
Shiver in streams

Ben Khan - Eden

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