Awir Leon: Falls

Minimalist electronic composer and singer Awir Leon reveals ‘Falls’ the last of a trio of single visuals illustrating the debut LP ‘Giants’. Set to drop on 9th November 2016, the track will be released by pioneering label of the burgeoning Parisian beat-scene Nowadays Records. Building layers from the most delicate percussive glitches into all consuming atmospheric textures, Awir Leon is fast proving himself as a master of intricate sonics. A sense of uncertainty is portrayed in his lyrics and is suitably matched by the sporadic synths and minimal percussion throughout. With this sound, comes a fitting, self-directed video that sees Awir undertaking a journey through the woods. At this point he is still caught in the forward motion of first single, ‘Maybe We Land’ but finds himself washed out and in a setting more reminiscent of second single ‘Sitting So High’, though this time closer to the ground. As he progresses on his journey he sheds his skin of clothes in an environment both old and new, changing and questioning colours.

Awir Leon: Falls

Awir Leon is also a member of collaborative electro-pop trio UNNO, and both count celebrated Danish artist Sekuoia and the figurehead of emerging French electronic music Fakear amongst their label-mates on Parisian label Nowadays Records. The label continues to lead the French scene by championing innovative dance music that is at once experimental and accessible. ‘Falls’ stands as a shining example of this balance. Building on the success of ‘Sitting So High’ and ‘Maybe We Land’, Awir Leon’s latest single draws comparisons to the most avant-garde elements of acclaimed works by James Blake or Nicolas Jaar through his immersive production and vocal style.

Awir Leon: Falls (Music Video)

With Awir Leon’s success as part of Kaltblut-approved ensemble UNNO, and the support from BBC Radio 1 on the lead single, ‘Falls’ marks the third and final window into Awir Leon’s audio-visual triptych, illustrating the fully immersive experience that is his ‘Giants’ LP, out now on Nowadays Records.

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