Apperaat: Unturned Stones

Apperaat is a Danish artist duo consisting of Tam Vibberstoft and Niels Gade. Apperaat is a wide-ranging project that combines the disciplines of music, film, poetry, visual arts and performing arts in an unpredictable mix. We released our debut album titled ”? !” in November 2013, and since then we’ve been doing a great number of things: We have participated in several exhibitions and performed by a variety of art events in Denmark and abroad. We have produced a wide range of music videos for our own music and for other Danish singers.

Apperaat: Unturned Stones

We have as well produced two longer portrait films, of which the latest portraying Bishop Emeritus Kjeld Holm premiered January 16, 2016. This song is inspired by the narrow, winding streets of the Spanish mountain village Cuenca. Come along on an expedition in the city and nature, in which you will turn right where you usually turn to the left.

Info: Written, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by: Tam Vibberstoft og Niels Gade (apperaat). Tam Vibberstoft: spoken, vocals, keys, programming, ambient recordings. Niels Gade: keys, beats, programming, vocals, ambient recordings. Release date: February 12, 2016. Recorded in: Cuenca, Utrecht, North Sea, The Faroe Islands, London, Berlin and Aarhus South. Mastering: ET Mastering. Publisher: Turner Music International. All artwork: apperaat. Label: apperaat music. Funded by: Musikforlæggerne, Koda, DAF, Aarhus Kommune.

Apperaat: Unturned Stones

Apperaat: Unturned Stones Lyrics:
Let yourself be
Lead by wonder
Keep a steady pace

Count until that
Magic number
Leave a hidden trace

Ahead awaits a
Fortune for my
Treasure hunter

Unturned Stones

Release release
The message of the unknown

Keep your trust
In questions
Don’t stop questioning

What deserves your
Where you’re settling

Unturned stones

Release release
The message of the unknown.