Angel Olsen – Hi Five

Raised in St. Louis, Missouri and later relocating to Chicago, Illinois, indie-folk singer/songwriter Angel Olsen began performing in St. Louis coffee shops in her teenage years, eventually branching out and tapping into a network of like-minded artists. Olsen worked with Californian musician Emmet Kelly as part of his collective the Cairo Gang, singing harmonies on Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s 2010 album The Wonder Show of the World, as well as its 2011 follow-up Wolfroy Goes to Town. In 2010, Olsen released Strange Cacti, a cassette of original Americana songs which was later reissued as a 12″. 2012 saw the release of Half Way Home, a gorgeously spare album with understated arrangements and a homespun approach somewhere between ’50s country crooners and her indie contemporaries.

Angel Olsen – Hi Five

Angel Olsen – Hi Five Lyrics:
I feel so lonesome, I could cry
But instead of that time
Sitting lonely with somebody, lonely dude
Well, there’s nothing in the world I’d rather do
Now tell me if you don’t feel these words
But all I want, all I ever need
Is someone out there to believe
Sometimes believe
Not always believe
Sometimes believe.
Now we don’t have to take it to extreme
Will keep our hands on lay keep it all lift apart
But I’m giving you my heart, my heart
Are you giving me your heart?
Your heart
Are you lonely too?
Are you lonely too?
Hi-five, so am I
All of your life
Stuck in time
I’m so ..
I’m stuck with you, I do, I do
Of you, of you.
Angel Olsen – Hi Five Angel Olsen – Hi Five

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