XYLØ – America

XYLØ is an American indie pop duo formed by Paige and Chase Duddy and currently based in Los Angeles. They just released their debut single called “America” and it’s quite brilliant. Between a Hollywood dramatic line and a fresh trip hop, electropop sound, the duo’s style reminds as good as other great artists like Broods, Purity Ring, Ryn Weaver or even the one and only Lana Del Rey. The duo is currently working on its upcoming debut EP, scheduled to be released sometime this year, for now we can enjoy this rather opaque and magical debut track.

XYLØ - America

Los Angeles duo Paige and Chase Duddy – AKA XYLØ – have unveiled their debut track called “America”. They blur the lines between jittery, forward-thinking electropop like Purity Ring or BROODS, and the grandiose Hollywood dramatics of Lana Del Rey. The result is something darkly magical, a heady brew of slick beats, sleek synths and noir&B smoothness. Debut cuts are tricky to get right, but XYLØ tick every box with aplomb here.

XYLØ – America

Add Southern California duo XYLØ to the list of acts to watch in 2015. Debut single “America,” a bit of dark pop that feels like a shimmering funeral march, slow, deliberate, and thoughtfully produced. Traces of Broods and Lana Del Rey dot its DNA, but singer Paige Duddy’s voice is its own pretty, wispy instrument, giving “America” a certain hypnotic quality

XYLØ – America Lyrics:
[Verse 1]
Real life is make believe
All that glitters isn’t gold to me
Save me from everyone

Bite your tongue
Don’t say anything
You look perfect in this light to me
Save me from everything

They say we can stay in America
You can be free in America
But I’m sick listening to everyone
I just want you
I just want you
I just want you

[Verse 2]
Close your eyes
Take it slow
We will find a new place to go
This will all be over soon

And if the stripes keep us apart
I will write your name up in the stars
Keep myself close to you


[Verse 3]
Heavy hearted and I feel so cold
The nights are longer than I’ve ever known
Wherever you are
Come and get me now

When we started it was long ago
It was perfect and well-
Yeah it was perfect
Wherever you are
Come and get me now