Xuan-Yuan Sword 6 Trainer

Xuan-Yuan Sword refers to a series of Chinese role-playing video games for personal computers developed by DOMO group of Softstar, Inc. based in Taiwan. These games are based on pre-history Chinese mythology, as well as history-based storylines around Qin Dynasty, Sui Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, etc. In the time beyond record, the “Xuan-Yuan Sword” is created by Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor of ancient China to defend the ancient Chinese against darklord Chi You and his evil empire. After Chi You was killed by the Sword, the five-thousand-year-old history of China began, and the Sword was passed on from Huangdi to heroes alike to continue to defend the nation against evil. Due to its great power, however, ambitious would-be emperors and evil warlords often sought the Sword to further their own end. Wikipedia®.

Xuan-Yuan Sword 6 Trainer

Xuan Yuan Sword 6 is the 10th installment of the Xuan Yuan Sword game series. (I actually was reading the official article and I can’t tell if it’s RPG or MMORPG, because you never know, though I am almost 90% convinced this is an RPG game, rather than online!)

Xuan-Yuan Sword 6 Trainer Options:
Trainer (+17) for the role playing game Xuan-Yuan Sword 6 you will be able to make use of the following cheats: infinite health, infinite yuan, infinite xi, instant turn, infinite gold, infinite experience, infinite stamina, infinite items, infinite consumables, one hit kill, super speed, super jump, never encounter enemies, floating mode, 2x/4x/8x/16x gold, 2x/4x/8x/16x experience, save location, teleport, undo teleportation.
Note: This cheat tool is for the 1.0 to 1.02 versions of the game Xuan-Yuan Sword 6.

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