Twin Caverns – Undiscover

From Sydney, Twin Caverns is a new project consisting of Louise Millar and Michael Macias. For the duo’s first release they’ve delivered a gorgeous rework of Bon Iver’s ‘Hinnom, TX‘. Establishing a wonderful balance of crisp production and delicate vocals, the Sydney duo have created something truly special. I’m really excited to hear more from Twin Caverns. “Undiscover” is not going to blow you away in the pop-anthem department; that’s not what Twin Caverns is all about here; their approach is more methodical in the way it attacks you on a more calming level. From the culmination of Louise Millar’s pristine vocal timbre with the mild-mannered instrumentation, found here is a beautiful offering of aural quality that will have you taking immediate notice.

Twin Caverns – Undiscover

Twin Caverns is 22 year old Louise Millar and Michael Macias from Sydney Aus.

Twin Caverns – Undiscover Lyrics:
Twin Caverns - Undiscover

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