The Vestals – Life Without Love

The Vestals – Life Without Love. It goes without saying that Newport ensemble, The Vestals aren’t the first artists to ruminate on what a life void of love would feel like. (In this instance, it would ostensibly “wither away like a flower without sun.”) Neither shall they be the last, I shouldn’t imagine, although this isn’t to say that the title track from their forthcoming EP, Life Without Love, is void of worth or anything; anything but. Because this is outwardly resplendent indie-pop; twinkling with glimmers of Bright Eyes, Shout Out Louds, The Smiths and so on. And while they may profess to feeling “happier sleeping on the floor”, to deploy the vulgar epigram, you probably wouldn’t kick The Vestals out the proverbial bed.

The Vestals - Life Without Love

Pop music has always had a melancholic streak. Sometimes, there’s nothing sweeter than sadness, and pop music revels in its tender poison. The Vestals have a lust for melody, yet often pair this with lyrics which demonstrate their rather more introverted side. New EP ‘Life Without Love’ echoes The Cure in its passion for miserablism, with the band matching indie pop gems to downbeat songwriting. Out on October 20th, Clash is able to premiere the video for ‘Life Without Love’. A delicately etched affair, the swirling synths collide with sighing vocals and some sweetly vivid textures.

The Vestals – Life Without Love (Official Video)

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